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  • Submitted: 06/04/2020
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Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis aka Tori's Stories


Wichita, Kansas

BEWARE of this bitter, weird, violent, unstable woman:
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori's Stories.
Also known as:
Tori Davis
Tori Anne Davis
Tori Rouse
Tori Rouse is:
SCAM Artist, Criminal, into Child Pornography.
She resides in:
Witchita, Kansas.
Her pussy, coward husband:
Trey Davis.
Tori Anne Rouse
Con Artist, Scammer, Child Predator.
Beware of a woman named Tori Rouse aka Tori Anne Rouse.
She goes by different names:
Tori Rouse, Tori Anne Rouse, Tori Davis, Tori Anne Davis.
Her husband is Trey Davis.
They reside in Wichita, Kansas.
Beware of Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse aka Tori Davis aka Tori Anne Davis.
Tori Rouse resides is a psychopath and internet stalker of all women she is envious and jealous of.
She has been the mother of 3 children's by 3 different drug-dealing men.
Her 3 children were taken from her because she and the kids' father molested the 3 children.
She claims otherwise, but she is a liar.
Tori Rouse is a manipulator and a compulsive liar.
She is also an avid drunk.
(Contact me to see the Videos of her getting disgustingly DRUNK and HIGH and farting all over the place.
Yes, I have those videos).
Currently, she is a case manager employed by the State of Kansas, only because she lied about her past.
Tori Rouse is very resourceful & manipulative.
Because she's so resourceful, she's also a computer hacker and can hack systems.
That is how she has hidden her criminal record.
And that is how she goes around, FALSELY alleging that she has "no" record.
She is deceitful, misleading, and a manipulator.
This dangerous woman has a youtube channel by the name of Tori's Stories.
(She's doing all she can to get views, because then she can monetize her channel. Repulsive people like her do NOT deserve to get paid and profit).
She misuses her youtube channel to slander, bully, and harm others with her false allegations and other horrible deeds.
In fact, this sad, sorry excuse for a so-called "woman," has taken the time to create several THOUSAND google emails and YouTube profiles so that she can have FAKE "followers" for herself on her YouTube channel, post PHONY "comments" on her videos, become monetized, and defraud google.
Her YouTube channel is full of nothing but PRETEND and NON-EXISTENT "followers" and FAKE "comments" on her videos.
Tori Rouse aka Tori's Stories is a sicko.
However, being disordered does NOT "excuse" or "justify" her countless horrible acts and other disgusting behavior.
Psychopaths always are fully aware of what they're doing and they know the harm that their actions cause others.
And, this VILE "woman" cannot attract a healthy, decent, real man.
These types never can attract healthy people.
That's why she has a weak-minded, poor, sloppy, sad, sorry husband who is a coward.
His name is Trey Davis.
Trey Davis weakly agrees to whatever fat, saggy, sloppy Tori Rouse demands him to do.
"Yes, Mommy."
"Mommy, after I do whatever you make me do, can I go BACK TO THE INTERNET SO I CAN WACK OFF TO CYBER PROSTITUTES. PLEASE?"
(Consequently, he doesn't give Ole Tori Rouse any, if you know what I'm talking about.
So she takes her miseries and jealousies out on other women by going on the internet and posting slanderous, False things about them).
Trey Davis and Tori Anne Rouse are also RACISTS.
They also secretly use the young children of families that ole saggy Tori Anne Rouse WORKS WITH (Remember, the State of Kansas has employed her as what she claims is a "specialist" to work with little children, so she abuses that opportunity to molest them!).
The state of Kansas and the Department of Children's Services must not have performed an adequate backround check. Imagine that...
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori's Stories is also a WASTE OF LIFE.
Tori Rouse has accomplished absolutely NOTHING in her sad, pathetic life and she never will.
But that's not anyone else's fault but her own.
She has no right to take it out on other women who are accomplished and successful.
To make matter worse,
AND, consider this:
She's not even 45 years old yet, but ole Tori Anne Rouse looks like SHYTT.
Just about 2 years ago she looked somewhat normal (Though NEVER a cute girl).
But just a couple years later, she's turned into a Bucket Of Slop.
Her face is worn out and haggard (Thus the TONS of spackle make up).
And her body is so loose, saggy, sloppy, and hanging from top to the very bottom).
HOW can a twenty-something woman look this horrible?
Answer: Evil people never age well.
And the years have not at all been kind to ole Tori Rouse aka Tori Davis.(No wonder her pussy husband cheats on her).
And she has the audacity to get on the internet and post FALSE, SLANDEROUS, UNTRUE claims about other women...
This sloppy LOSER, Tori Rouse, must learn that whenever she posts Anything, 20 other things are posted about her (The difference is that the things posted about her, Tori Rouse, are all TRUE).
Be aware that:
She and her current coward husband, Trey Davis, are still recruiting little children for their illegal activities.
It is terrifying to know that such predators are living in the same county as I am.
They currently reside
7627 East 37th Street
Apartment 2008
Wichita, Kansas 67226

(Contact us for aforementioned Videos of her drunkeness)


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Teresa Violet Arasheben posted this false defamatory post about me. She's done this to several others and I will be commenting on all of the posts that I know she's written falsely about them.

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