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James Glanville. Discreet Investigations

James Glanville Private Investigator Toronto Scam ?

Toronto, ON

James Glanville, Private Investigator Toronto
Discreet Investigations
IS THIS A SCAM? You Decide
Is James Glanville Private Investigator Toronto a Scam? Is Discreet Investigations a Scam? What do you think?

We find the following items below of great concern. Do you?
* This group has used 5 different names. Only one is registered at the Ministry in Ontario that licenses PI’s

*This group uses multiple addresses – some of which do not exist. The address used at 320 Richmond Street in Toronto is actually the home of an individual who has never herd of Mr. Glanville – other than mail comes there on occasion.

* IF you paid this PI by Western Union or similar wire services or paid cash to him – has he reported this income to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)? You may be concerned if asked to send funds via e-mail transfer to the individual directly (not to a registered agency or company) or paid him cash directly in any way. Especially if you did not receive adequate performance for your fees.

*If you sent funds and you are in located in Ontario or Canada – did you pay GST or HST on services? If not that can be a red flag. If taxes were charged – were they remitted to the government?

*THE CLAIMS MADE – Do They Make Sense?
CLAIMS at June 1st 2020 on the website at include the following:



SO the obvious Question is, “VOTED BY WHOM?” Can you find one reputable rating agency that has made these actual endorsements or regulated any Votes? We could not. Or are they just idle claims made without substance?

FURTHER, This PI is referenced as only having 1 Team Member by Crunchbase directory. So Who is “The Team” that is the # 1 Surveillance Team in Canada? Per other reputable listing websites like BBB there is only 1 team member at this group – James Glanville.

2). CLAIMS MADE at June 1, 2020 on website under ABOUT US Tab:
“Over his career he has worked with World Leaders, Royal Families, Fortune 500 CEO’s, Professional Athletes and the Hollywood Elite. He has trained with the United States Secret Service…..”

OK so these claims we truly enjoy. Can you find a World Leader or Royal Family member that will substantiate this PI’s Claim? Someone may wish to confirm his exact involvement with the United States Secret Service – who would take any such claim very seriously.

Another claim is: To be a “certified Protection Specialist as well as a Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Expert.” Has anyone checked to confirm such certification? Do such certifications even exist? Or were they just created?

Another claim is: to be the “President & CEO” So the CEO of what corporation or corporate entity? On the website there is no corporation actually listed. And a CEO typically implies a senior executive of a significant corporate entity – not a one man operation or one team member operation.


On the PI’s website at June 1, 2020 are shown the PI in photo’s with Hollywood celebrities like Pierce Brosnan as an example. We note that it just states on the site these are “friends” of the PI’s. It does not confirm them as clients. We reached one such celebrity representative – who has never herd of this PI. Draw your own conclusions.

4) Legal Department Claim:

About Us tab June 1, 2020: “has its own Legal Department specializing in Family Law, Separation Agreements, Divorce Representation, Custody Issues and Real Estate.” That would be very impressive to actually have such a legal department. We understand the PI rents space from a law firm at one location. Is this over stepping reality? Has anyone confirmed this with the Law Society of Ontario?

5) ABOUT US: There are two references to Mr. Glanville’s history. One states “for over 27 years…” the other”for 30 years” So which one is it ? According to Ministry registration files plus the incorporation of his agency which was only registered in 2014 – this PI has therefore been registered for less than 6 years in investigations. Hardly could such time be considered to be an expert in the circumstance in investigations.

SEE SCREEN SHOT BELOW of the website sections taken on June 1, 2020

*Better Business Bureau information: BBB Link
This PI per the Better Business Bereau ( BBB ) LINK has the following public record:


Customer Complaints: 1 complaints Status: Unresolved 20/03/2018

Complaint Type: Problems with Product/Service

1 Customer Review 11/04/2018

Is it highly unusual that a positive Customer Review was somehow posted within 22 days of the BBB unresolved complaint – and no Reviews prior to or subsequently. Go Figure.

Upon further review this was a BBB complaint from a customer who sent funds – but did not receive services in their opinion nor get the matter resolved.

In this era of social media it is often very easy to get complaints or bad reviews removed. Has this PI or his related parties or advisors removed negative reviews or complaints about the PI’s services? And has he or his advisors threatened actions against any such complainants? IF you are one you may wish to come forward.

On one office related mailing address listing for this PI there are over 100 Positive Reviews on Google – which are often very similar in nature. Are these “bought reviews and not from actual past clients?” Those of you that are social media experts or marketing experts will quickly determine the answer.

* aka Alias:
These business names are Used on the PI’s website at June 1, 2020. None of which are registered entities or company’s: Discreet Investigation / Discreet Investigations / Discreet Investigations & Security / Discreet Private Investigators and Security

Used in the public domain: Discreet Investigations and Security Inc. is the name used to register their website ownership – this company does not exist. Further the address provided for domain registration which does not exist was: 10 Four Seasons Place, Suite 1044B TORONTO, on M9B 6H7. Link Here to verify at June 1, 2020.

It is possible to use a trade name for a company – but it is typically registered and is only used once or as one name consistently. Perhaps misleading and certainly Unusual do you not think so? Does this speak to CREDIBILITY?

FILE COMPLAINT with government Ministry that monitors Private Investigators. EMAIL: OR visit the Ministry website:

Visit: and leave a Comment:

Ask the US Secret Service:
Take Other Action as you determine.

We anticipate this PI will attempt to take action in this regard which is negative. You may wish to capture this information for future use.
Private Investigator

Private investigation

Private investigator toronto

Private detective

Private investigation toronto

Private investigator ontario

James Glanville Private Investigator of Discreet Investigations

Company: Discreet Investigations or Discreet Investigations and Security


James Glanville

Discreet Investigation

Discreet Investigations

Discreet Investigations & Security

Discreet Private Investigators and Security

James Glanville President: Discreet Investigations and Security Ltd.

Discreet Investigations and Security Inc.

Discreet Investigations and Security Ltd.


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James Glanville private investigator Toronto scammed me ! He runs Discreet Investigations. He took my money then demanded more. Then never did the work.

Maybe he is ok at security but I found out he is really new to investigations and bad at investigations. He does not know what he is doing. He just kept demanding $1,500 again and again. And never did anything.

He then threatened me. I learned he has many complaints from many people like me that he has taken advantage of. I hope something is done about him and put out of business before he harms more people like me.

AVOID James Glanville a private investigator Toronto and Discreet Investigations Toronto. They will take your money and run!
Yes Discreet Investigations and James Glanville definitely GOT ME TO !!!!

I felt so stupid at the time cause they just took my money and never replied even though I tried to get my money back. It added to my stress for sure because I was very vulnerable at that time when I needed help.

I at least feel a bit better knowing there are others out there that got taken also by this man. But I feel for you. HE SHOULD BE STOPPED.

What he is doing just is not right. He promises the world then doesn't do anything. My investigation just got no where with Mr. Glanville. Look out if you are the next guy!
Discreet Investigations and James Glanville took my money then demanded more. And did nothing ! They are not to be trusted.

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