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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/12/2020
  • Severity: 10

Tori Anne Rouse

Diagnosed Psychopath & STALKER

Wichita, Kansas

Tori Anne Rouse
Child Pornography, Thief, Criminal, STD Queen, STALKER
Wichita, Kansas.

The title says it all.
But in case you need more information about this Toxic Manipulator, Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis, feel free to Google (Or Bing or Yahoo) her name.

I read this and wanted to add a couple more facts to this.
Seems many of us have had horrible experiences with this obsessed stalker.

She'll be here in no time, posting another one of her RANTS.
That's what a STALKER does.

(Tori, go back to Youtube and thumbs down the videos that you STALK all day long, you creepy, diseased kunt).

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Diagnosed Psychopath & STALKER


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Now she simply must and WILL go all over her pathetic social media to BITCH and WAHHH WAHHH and BEG for everyone to feel sorry for her.

Sorry-ass psychopath causes all types of trouble with people but then blatantly lies that it's everyone else's fault.

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