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  • Submitted: 09/17/2020
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Tori Anne Rouse

Rental Scams, Loan Scams, Defamatory Content, Con Artist

Wichita, Kansas

Tori Anne Rouse
Rental Scams, Loan Scams, Defamatory Content, Con Artist
Wichita, Kansas
Tori Anne Rouse:
Tori Anne Rouse & Trey Davis
Rental SCAMMERS, Loan SCAMMERS, Thieves
Wichita, Kansas
Beware of Tori Anne Davis aka Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse and Trey Davis.
They are a married couple, currently residing in Wichita, Kansas.
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis and Trey Davis have rented several apartments in Fort Worth and then in Kansas and they DESTROYED all of the apartments, upon receiving eviction warnings.
Tori Rouse is a diagnosed Sociopath. Trey Davis is a codependent.
Whatever Tori Anne Rouse orders poor Trey Davis to do, he does, including having helped her vandalize, tear up, destroy several rentals.
Then, upon finally vacating the each premises, they failed to pay the several months of overdue rent.
They both have also defaulted on several loans.
Be very aware that Roti Anne Rouse, due to being a pathological liar and Sociopath disordered personality, will LIE & Falsely deny these 100% factual statements. However, also be aware that Tori Anne Rouse, due to being an avid scammer and tech savvy individual, who is devoid of a conscience, knows how to and has hacked many systems in order to hide her (Criminal and) Default and Eviction record and life of Fraud and Crime.
She also has Youtube and other social media accounts for which she has created thousands of FAKE accounts and FAKE "followers, " in order to convince (Trick) prospective landlords, loan agents, employers that she's an upstanding" citizen.
However, the facts are horribly FAR from & the opposite of what she Fakes & Falsely portrays.
Her life of crime includes Child Sex Trafficking & a host of other heinous crimes.
(The fact that she ever had a job working with children attests to the fact that she hacked the system to hide her record & manipulated the person who made the grave mistake of hiring her).
All who have ever made the mistake of having hired her, rented to her, loaned to her, have been stalked, slandered, defamed by this woman.
Do not be swayed by any False "comment" that she might come here (And elsewhere on other sites) to post to Falsely deny these charges.
She's in the habit of refusing to take any personal accountability, so she Falsely blames others for the Factual posts (Complaints) about her all over the internet.
Tori Anne Rouse is extremely dishonest, manipulative, unstable, and in denial.
She's unpredictable & violent.
Among her Sociopath specialties is the ability to manipulate, talk a big phony talk, garner sympathy from people to make them feel sorry for her, so that she can obtain whatever she wants during her defrauding sprees, and make them do her dirty work.
Be CAUTIOUS. Do not deal with these individuals under any circumstances, for to do so is asking for & in fact receiving endless trouble.

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Rental Scams, Loan Scams, Defamatory Content, Con Artist


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