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  • Submitted: 09/18/2020
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joseph wolf

Joseph Wolf Scam-Lords and Slumlords

Stuart, Florida

Joseph Wold owner of lakeshore management mobile home sumlords..The complaint Alone by the past employees is Sickening and their both State and federal violations never stop... this company is Ownered by the head slumlord named Joseph Wolf who owns 4 mobile home parks in Orlando in another company name and files these companies in their own corporations as a FireWall in case of a lawsuit which they have Plenty Of them.
from Illinois to Florida and all the residences say the Very same Thing that they are Slum Lords that take advantage of good hard-working people.. this company Cant keep employees as they even Cheat them too .. company managers have run-off in the middle of the night with renter money claiming their rent was never paid.. there is yet another battle brewing in this park they just took over that is Already heading to court.. here is one of their other scams .. they force owners out of the park.. mainly because the rents didn't know better and did not take it to court.. them these Low lifes sell the renters mobile home that they owed and Keep the overage that is to go to the mobile homeowner after any past rent is paid from the sale.. the goofy bastard violates EPA law - Florida Health department law and sanitation codes while they sit on their ass all day .. our maintenance guy is about as smart as a rock much like the management and nt One of them have a state or local license as property managers which would do them some Good. they are being fine by the health department Now and the homeowners have filed with the FDPR for park violations under chapter FS-723.022 and many other violations and We Will Keep bringing the Law Suites Until the Boneheads follow thru .. the Property Manage Needs to go as she has No Management experience Period as our last property management was 10 times better and always available and on-site and this tub is never here... and when she is here she is hiding or next to the candy machine I guess..
these people are Sum...and this is the guy that Hides in the dark Joseph Wolf the owner of lake Shoe mobile management / owners
You Must Watch this piece on HBO to understand this guy and the mobile home park owners scam ..see it on
John Oliver and Janet From The Good Place Warn About Mobile Homes on Last Week Tonight
just copy and paste into google and laugh your ass off as to these sumbags


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