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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/25/2020
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Havey Knight, SL Knight

Sociopathic Gangster Wannabes

Fernandina Beach, Florida

These are brothers Benjamin Harris (Havey) Knight, III and Stephen Louis (SL) Knight.  They drive Atlantic Avenue and Centre Street in their dark gray Dodge Challenger and black Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (pictured here with the red American flag decal) harassing and threatening people out for a walk.  

They started with yelling obscenities as they drove past.  Over many months they escalated their trashy behavior and have threatened to shoot me and my family.  

They have only lived in Fernandina for just over 2 years.  I read so many of you saying the wrong kind of people are moving here.  These two are the perfect example.  
Their parents are Benjamin Harris Knight, Jr., Director of Regional Operations at WestRock and Jill Parkman Knight.  I want to congratulate them on raising the next generation of spoiled, cowardly, sociopathic gangster wannabes.  

Online they portray themselves as this nice Christian family.  I must have missed the commandment that says thou shalt terrorize innocent strangers.  Your family isn't wanted here.  Go back to Williamsburg, Virginia or Jasper, Alabama where this behavior must be normal.  

With the recent shooting of runner Ahmaud Arbery just a few miles away, this is so not what the world needs right now.  My family and I are now terrified to walk the streets of this supposedly safe, quiet, little beach town.  

If you have experienced this, now you know who they are.  There is already one police report for them on file and further reports may get the incompetent Fernandina Police to actually do something about this.  

Most evenings you can see the Jeep parked on Front Street across from the Salty Pelican where SL works.  

Fernandina, Florida
Williamsburg, Virginia 
Jasper, Alabama

Benjamin Harris Knight III
Stephen Louis Knight
Havey Knight
Stephen Louis Knight

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Sociopathic Gangster Wannabes Sociopathic Gangster Wannabes Sociopathic Gangster Wannabes


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