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  • Submitted: 02/03/2010
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Vic and Angelos

Vic and Angelos $12 Cocktails Served in Smurf Cups

Delray Beach, Florida

Why can't this restaurant at least let me get a little buzzed before they bend me over for pizza night?

The little cocktail glasses they use at Vic and Angelos are a joke. Its a mini martini glass that they pour mixed cocktails in and charge you $12 for each mouthful glass. (of course 2/3 of that mouthful is your mixer)

I mean seriously, martini glasses are shaped that way because they have STRAIGHT vodka. One gets you feeling real good and therefore worth the steep price, but a mixed house cocktail drink in a mini martini glass is total BS.

If you ever go here, make sure its only on grandma's birthday for a slice and a cold cola. Or at least make sure your Sugar Momma has a black card.

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Vic and Angelos $12 Cocktails Served in Smurf Cups


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I feel your pain..

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