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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 10/24/2020
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Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori's Stories

Stalker, Sociopath, Child Molester, Financial Fraud

Witchita, Kansas

Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori's Stories
Con Artist, Computer Hacker, Criminal
Witchita, Kansas.

Beware of Tori Anne Davis aka Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse and Trey Davis.
They are a married couple, currently residing in Wichita, Kansas.
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis and Trey Davis have rented several apartments in Fort Worth and then in Kansas and they DESTROYED all of the apartments, upon receiving eviction warnings.
Tori Rouse is a diagnosed Sociopath. Trey Davis is an extreme codependent.

Now let's note a few of the many facts about Tori Anne Rouse:
She's a diagnosed narcissistic sociopath/Borderline Personality.
She's a stalker.
She's a slanderer.
An online bully and a coward.
A criminal.

Some backround on her:
A few years ago, an associate of mine, whom before this, never knew that Tori Rouse ever existed, was attacked by Tori Anne Rouse.
This associate had made an innocent comment on a public forum site.
However, Tori Rouse, a fanatic, weirdo fan of train wreck youtuber, Trisha Paytas, attacked the associate, a woman.
When the woman dared to understandably defend herself, Tori Rouse escalated the situation & unduly retaliated against her & instantly posted several FALSIFIED videos of the woman, in which she illegaly used the woman's copyrighted vlogs, images, and other information to attack & slander her.
And, eversince then, she's been obsessively stalking, harassing, following, watching, terrorizing this woman.
Tori Anne Rouse is also extremely jealous, envious of this woman.
She simply will not leave this woman alone.
She repeatedly stalks, threatens, harasses this woman & slanders her all over the internet by posting false allegations about her.
And whenever her friends defend her, this PaThEtic LOsEr, Tori, again attacks her again.
In her most recent homemade youtube video, she's claimed this woman has a trust fund & therefore is a "moocher."
But here are the facts:
1). The woman does not have a trust fund
2). Even if the woman had a trust fund, it's none of Tori Rouse's business.
And this just further proves how jealous & green with envy she is.
(Afterall, pathetic Tori Rouse is hated & detested by ALL. And there is NO one to ever leave a shred of anything for her, let alone a trust fund.
So, yes, she must be burning with envy and rage).
3). Even if someone has a trust fund, then using & enjoying that trust fund does not in any manner make that person a "moocher."
Rhetorically speaking, what does "mooching" even have to do with using, spending, enjoying a trust fund...?
This woman whom Creepy Tori Rouse is stalking, is successful as a result of her own efforts.

Tori Rouse's troubles are all solely a result of Tori Rouse.
She is the instigator & aggressor of all problems.
She has done nothing in her sad, sorry life, achieved no success, no accomplishments, nothing except to instigate, start, and cause problems with many people & to be the object of hatred & disgust.
And then when she's called out on her malicious acts against people, she suddenly falls down, has a hissy fit, cries & pretends to be the "victim", and begs for everyone's pity.
And the only people who fall for her lies, manipulations, and play-acting are dumb, stupid, gullible, toxic people like herself.

Meanwhile, she's been fired from her job, working with children, because she was caught fondling yet another defenseless kid, while on the job.
And, she & her husband have also been evicted from their apartment.
Trey Davis, her husband, is a lowly, mealy-mouthed, scared co-dependent.
Whatever Tori Anne Rouse orders poor Trey Davis to do, he does, including having helped her vandalize & destroy several rentals.
Then, upon finally vacating the each premises, they failed to pay the several months of overdue rent.
They both have also defaulted on several loans.
However this SLOB made a youtube video FALSELY alleging they moved because their address was leaked and " not" because they were evicted.
But that's another lie.
They were in fact EVICTED.
They were evicted because Tori Rouse was caught INAPPROPRIATELY TOUCHING A LITTLE GIRL IN THE BUILDING.
The parents are speaking with authorities.
Then, Tori Rouse desperately posted A Phony " letter from ( her) landlord", in which the landlord is allegedly refunding her deposit and thanking het for being a resident.
However that " letter" is a LIE AND A PHONY document.
Tori Rouse actually created and printed that letter on her printer.
Now that's desperation: Manufacturing & FORGING a FAKE "letter" from a former landlord.
Next it's going to be counterfeit money. Or perhaps a note from her daddy (Oh, wait! She actually caused her father to commit suicide quite a long time ago. So, her father is dead).

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Stalker, Sociopath, Child Molester, Financial Fraud Stalker, Sociopath, Child Molester, Financial Fraud


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Who Scammed You Commenter
Teresa Violet Arasheben wrote this about me because she attacked me when I spoke about having to move because Teresa posted my private legal address on websites like this. She's very unwell. I hope she gets the help she deserves.
As if any further proof was needed that this psycho, Tori Anne Rouse, is an obsessed stalker, her untrue "comment" above, under "toria99" is more proof.

Tori Rouse, Teresa does not ever engage with you.
You are sub-human, too far beneath her, and not good enough for her to engage with.
WE are the ones posting about you, not her.
And until you face the truth, you can just go on living in your sorry, big-fail existence and self-delusion.
Joke's on you, Tori.
Keep suffering, Loser...
Who Scammed You Commenter
Oh Teresa Violet Arasheben/Tressa Arasheben, come on now <3 I'm very well aware that you don't have friends and no one would do this besides you. I love that you posted two new videos on your rob Mastery video of me today using your voice pretending to be somebody else. That's some wild, wild behavior, even for you girly. I think it's flattering that you post about me, post videos on me, and have to pretend to be somebody else because you don't have the guts to do it yourself. Do you just google random names or use a name generator? Or do you use your imagination to come up with all the fake names? It's pretty interesting. It's fun because I just never know what bs you're going to say next. I think you're my biggest fan <3
The obsessive, delusional stalker, Tori Anne Rouse is at it again.
Tori, your entire life is gone (Not that you ever had one to begin with).
Nothing you falsely allege was, is, or ever will be true.
You're a sad, sorry loser. You're a failure.
You've been fired for having been caught fondling little helpless children, you've been evicted, you have the shyttiest reputation, and you'll never succeed at anything except to be the sad, lonely manipulative little SLOB that you are.
Ha ha ha.
The object of your obsession indeed has friends who have been and are and will defend her.
It's YOU who has no one and nothing (Is hubby still online with those prostitutes?
Oh, wait! Will you be overcompensating with another PHONY video for this FACT, too?
Lol and Lolll and Lollll).
She was looking really dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an L on her forehead (A song written for you, Tori).

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