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Tori Anne Rouse

Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse aka Tori Stars: Pedophile & MURDER Suspect

Wichita, Kansas

Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Rouse aka Tori Stars.

(She now calls herself Tori "Stars".
There you have it: Proof/EVIDENCE of a delusional narcissist).
Pedophile & Murderer
Wichita, Kansas
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis aka Tori Stars.
Tori "Stars". Yes, the epitome of a delusional, narcissistic psychopath.
Tori Anne Rouse aka Tori Anne Davis.
A manipulative, lying psychopath.
A malevolent narcissist.
A career criminal.
A child molester.
And also a newly minted murder suspect.
She's murdered her brother Skylar.

When she was a teen (And a forever demon seed), she directly drove her brother to suicide,
As an adult, she couldn't convince her poor, troubled brother to suicide (Even he wouldn't have anything to do with her. let alone let her convince him to kill himself).
And in a manipulative twist, Tori Rouse has made a new video in which she acts supposedly "innocent" (Which she is NOT) and speaks about "grief & loss," to her thousands of FAKE "followers" (Her Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram are all full of nothing but FAKE, PAID-FOR "followers").
This woman is a huge manipulator.
Tori Rouse aka Tori Davis is not only a pedophile, murderer, malevolent sociopath, but she is also a MANIPULATOR, MASTER CON ARTIST, LIAR, and sympathy collector.
And speaking of videos, allow me to provide ADDITIOANL & RELEVANT EVIDENCE that she is an obsessive, manipulator (Not just a manipulator, but an OBSESSIVE MANIPULATOR):
Since 2017 (And actually long before that year) she has been making several videos of another woman, in which she ILLEGALY uses & violates copyrighted images, sounds, and other intellectual property of that woman, to slander, defame, harass, make hate speech and LIE about that woman and cause her harm and damages, all because she's so jealous and envious but also OBSESSED with that woman.
And she is so narcissistic and delusional that, WHILE SHE ACTIVELY AND BLATANTLY SLANDERS AND HARMS THAT WOMAN ON HER YOUTUBE VIDEOS AND ALL OVER THE INTERNET ON OTHER SITES WITH HER WILD, RIDICULOUS LIES, she still expects and feels entitled for neither the woman nor her friends nor others to defend the woman or to make their own videos exposing her (Tori Rouse) for the asshole, LIAR, slanderer, criminal that she is.
And any time that people have rightfully and legally defended that woman and made their own Youtube videos and internet postings, this criminal, Tori Rouse, has had the narcissistic audacity to cry to Youtube, report and take down those exposing videos (Because narcissistic sociopaths like her FEAR exposure) and she (Tori Rouse) has retaliated with yet more slander and illegal acts (In her fit of narcissistic rage).
In her fake & FALSIFIED internet rants (FALSE posts) against this same woman, she also falsely alleges this woman has "no job" (Facts: The woman has a job and a successful CAREER and is a beloved advocate, as well. L.A. Voyage has even done an article on her).
She also FALSELY alleges the woman has a trust fund, so she's a "mooch." (FACTS are that a trust fund, whether or not existent, is NONE of Tori Rouse's business. This just provides MORE evidence of Tori Rouse's jealousy. No one loves Tori Anne Rouse, so NO one will ever leave a fund of any type for her. But, at the same time, it provides one of the motives of why she committed murder of her brother Skylar {Her delusions that someone would leave her an inheritence, if her brother did not stand in the way}
Furthermore, what she's done is to insult everyone all over the world, because, according to her, everyone with an inheritance is a so-called "mooch."
But yes, that woman does have a great job and a thriving career in which she makes her won money.
But it sure is great to have financial security, though, huh?
{Something Tori Rouse will never know, because due to her supervisor having discovered that she's a child molester, SHE'S BEEN SUSPENDED FROM HER JOB in which {Ironically} she used to work with children!).
She's also posted other lies about the woman, such as, when she was in prison (Yes, she was in prison. But so have about 80% of the world's population-INCLUSING SAGGY BAGGY TORI ROUSE), she stabbed someone and then talked about it like it was "nothing." (Facts, she had to stab someone to defend her very life. And when she did speak about it on her Youtube video on her Channel, she never spoke it like it was: something that was very significant and in order to share her past in order to inspire and help others to overcome their own pasts and to succeed, like she did).
She also lied that the woman speaks badly about her parents. (Facts: The woman speaks the truth about her parents in revealing that they were/are narcissistic sociopaths {Something she knows about, especially having been obsessively stalked by Tori Rouse, a malevolent sociopath, as you can see). Thus, she never spoke bad about her parents-She merely spoke the truth, which is what people do in sharing their pasts.
However, in her desperate obsession, Tori Rouse conveniently left out the facts and instead twisted everything to tell LIES.

So YES, THIS IS A WOMAN WHO IS CAPABLE OF AND HAS IN FACT COMMITTED MURDER (Several times, no doubt, but has not been caught for all of the murders).

She is also a disgusting woman who, because every single thing stated and posted about her is TRUE & FACTUAL, (Including instances, caught on her OWN and other peoples' video, in which she viciously threatens to KILL/MURDER her innocent cat {A cat with asthma, because she has neglected the poor cat} and even past videos in which she and her weak, co-dependant hubby, Trey Davis, get disgustingly drunk and brag about it, makes other phony videos to pretend that she's a so-called devoted animal owner and happily married wife (ALL BULLSHIT, in reality). All because she needs to overcompensate at a POOR ATTEMPT to hide the truth.
And don't forget:
Toxic Tori Rouse and her hubby Trey Davis are also racists and child sex traffickers.
Currently residing in Kansas.
They've recently been evicted from (And fled) their former apartment residence, so they now reside somewhere else in Kansas.
Stay tuned for details.


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