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Robert Walker

merry me.. oh yeah send money

uniontown, MSY

Started "online dating" and fell madly in love with in the first week. Instantly calling me mom to his "9 yr. old daughter". Hw is willing to relocate to whereever I am living. With in 3 weeks, he has a "very improtant question to ask me" , but it will have to wait until Friday. On Friday, he loses hi wallet, daughter is dying with maliria while living in England, he has no food or medicain for her. (he is a big contractor of bridges). Will I send the money it will take to get her treated. Then in the very next chat sentence, will I marry him? Guess he need to get his mind off the sick kid. Since I could not send the full amount he ask for, the 130.00 would be enough to get the Dr. to start treatment. As of this minute, he thinks I am on my way to Western Union.

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merry me.. oh yeah send money merry me.. oh yeah send money


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