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SGT. Lopez

Bail Money Wanted

Barcelona, Spain, California, 917436

Dear Sirs,

This morning I received a call from my granddaughter who claimed she was in Barcelona, Spain to attend
the funeral of the mother, of a good friend of hers. She claimed that I was the only one she could trust.
And said she didn’t want anyone else to know about it. She claimed that she needed $2800.00 to post
a bond. She said she was driving back from the funeral and they were stopped the car and they found drugs
in in the car.

After she called me she said a Sgt. Lopez would call me with the instructions. The Sgt. (or whoever called).
Said to go to the bank and draw out $2800.00 and take it to Western Union or to Rite Aid and wire the money
To Barcelona, Spain.

I didn’t want to betray her trust, but I called her mother, who swore she took her to school this morning.
She went to the school and found that she was in class, and had her call me to verify that.

I called Sgt. Lopez back and told her she had the wrong girl. My granddaughter was in school, and told I
her she had the wrong girl. She said she would check and call me back. I called her 3 times and the line
was always busy. Her phone number is: 1-514-573-5439

I notified the local Sheriff’s Dept. and reported it. It seemed they weren’t that concerned about it.

I thought I would let you know.

Vince Nicastro @


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Hello Vince,

I just read your scam and posted a similar story about something that happened to my girlfriend's grandparents this very same week.

I sincerely hope something comes of either of these stories we have posted and if I can manage to make any progress in the matter I will be sure to contact you. At the moment I am livid with the idea that someone would do this, and I hope it's not just wishful thinking that I can get some answers.


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