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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/09/2011
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Nikos Barnabas

UK/Round Rock TX/Nigeria, Texas

Meets you on Match. Claims you are his sole mate. Then has numerous problems with a Million Dollar construction project in the UK, where he is at. He has sold off everything for his "Lifetime" chance at his "dream". His Uncle in Greece is trying to raise the money, but the project is on "hold" due to the funds running out because of the taxes and tariffs imposed in the UK. Only needed $1500.00. Then Uncle couldn't come through in time. Asked for tens of thousands of dollars, when told no . . this was the response.
On Jan 20, 2011, at 1:29 AM, Nikos Barnabas wrote:
I want you to know that as a Man…that I feel so very responsible and so longing to comfort and to lead us as ‘head of house’ (As Jesus is Head of the church)… but, I know baby that this situation has robbed me of this privilege and , in fact, has put our ‘godly roles’ in a bit of confusion (momentarily)…since for this moment you are having to step in and ‘carry’ for us a little bit… It is uncomfortable for you… I am not accustom to it...a little hard for me sometimes to bear the thot of the struggle you going thru just to 'fulfil' that role.

I so very much appreciate that you have been truthful with me…even at times when it hurts…. Your honesty to me…your valuing my heart with ‘truth’...has only made me Love you MORE and never less.

But, for now, we be strong for one another…by allowing ourselves ‘shame, weakness, vulnerablility, imbalance’ all due to the fact that we TRUST one another with Love….we trust to allow the other to carry for us our …very pure, very tender hearts… This is how ‘we just know’… never would we allow such power over us by another… were we not actually ‘one and the same’. I love you.
Thank you for the "conversation"yesterday, make me feel a whole lot better.

pls help me...dont let me waste away a life time opportunity,Too much at stalk, I'm so close now, Loan me this sum, I will pay back in full, I promise...


Here are the agents he uses
Agent (one)
Name:Bukola Adio
Address:1135 Victoria Island.
Country: Nigeria

Name:Femi Adewale
Address:1135 Victoria Island.
Country: Nigeria

He also used this name when I wouldn't use Western Union. HSBC UK.
Acount holder's name:Leslie Barnes

He is very good at having certain specifics so that when you google or check, the story seems real. He also extremely versed in guilting you into helping him acting as though this is a rare occurance and has never happened to him before. Just a string of bad luck. He has an answer for everything. Picture below are of him with the Contractor he was the sub-contract to. One was even sent after we argued and I questioned whether he even existed. He also argued the Western Union and Nigeria money order issue very well. I googled this many times, never came up with anything on him. The project was real, he seemed real.

Should have listened to myself when I thought, If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, Guess what . . . its a damn DUCK.

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Hi Anonymous,
Author of 1965 and 2070 here. Thank you for posting this. He sent me the exact same, verbatim email back in the Sep/Oct time frame, right after we had 'talked' on the phone. Seems to be a scripted part of the process. Agreed, good at attempting to induce guilt. He and I also 'fought' after I had suspicions / questioned the validity of all he had said. FYI, Jan 20, 2011, he and I were still 'chatting'. I was not 'all in' but was in love with him and still thought of the 'what if's' In the chat we had the weekend following your cited email, he was still saying he 'loved me' and 'couldn't let go'.

I went to church tonight and in the course of the evening prayed for his soul. Anyone that would do what he and apparently his 'friends' have done, have darkness in and around them. Thank you again, and God Bless you.

From the EFCC website:

The most common way of accepting cases by EFCC is through a petition written by an individual or organization. The petition will be evaluated and if the case falls within the purview of the commission's mandate, it will be accepted for investigation and possibly prosecution. Petitions that do not fall within the purview of the commission are sent to the appropriate agency, be it the Nigeria Police Force, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), etc. Members of the public can also send complaints electronically to the commission email address: info@efccnigeria.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

The commission has had complaints and also investigated cases where fraudsters impersonated the EFCC Chairman and other employees of commission in order to defraud them. The public should be aware that EFCC does not collect money to receive petitions and does not charge fee from victims to investigate their cases. Emails messages not emanating from our domain (i.e. bearing should be verified.

The Operations unit is the investigative arm of the EFCC headed by the Director of Operations. Below are the various sections under the Unit:

Also see postings 1965, 2006 and 2070
What are you referring to and who are you asking?
My last comment was about 'darkness'. Yes I do believe this person(s) has darkness in and around them. This person(s) exploited my heart, soul, used my faith in God. From what I see in the additional postings, this person(s) did the same to others, with no apparent concern at all for the impact, in any form, on any of 'us'. Yes, that to me is 'darkness', a willful, knowing preying on others. That is predatory. I pray for him/them. Let God be the judge now.
Efcc here is a hoax...

do not send emails to them as they say...... do your research unlike me who sent an email to rocketmail as they state and got a response to give them what they requested...
see 2193
I though maybe reading this may be helpful for others that they are not alone in this exploitation and betrayal. This is a copy of an email I sent to 'Nikos' in earl February after I really learned 'the truth'.

I want to ask 'why', but already know the answer, because you could.
I want to tell you how betrayed I feel, but you won't hear it.
I want to tell you I deserve better, but you don't care anyway.
I wanted to know the 'truth' and now I know at least the most important parts of it.

Inside me, it feels as though you 'fed' on me, like a vulture, taking bite after bite.
It feels like you sliced and diced my heart
Stole my love,
Stole some of my faith in mankind.
Stole some of my hope.

I know God will heal these things in me.
I know that love, faith and hope come from God and He can and will restore all of this in me and more.
I take full responsiblity for how I opened the doors to you and the decisions, grounded in love, that I made.
And I acknowledge fully your responsiblity.
It is now extremely clear you exploited my, and others' love for money.
That you betrayed my trust, with no concern at all for the impact on me.
That you did all you could to elicit my trust in you, made promises you had no intention of ever keeping, for money.
That you would have allowed me to do as much as possible for you, even if it had meant my going into financial ruin,
With no concern for the impact on me, financially, emotionally, in trust, faith, love.
I pray for your soul, and if you won't let the light in, I pray for God to stop you from being able to do this to anyone else.
I pray for God to put barriers in your path so you can no longer exploit the beautiful innocence of true love, true hearts.

I had been praying, telling God I was ready to know the 'truth'. And then I found your 'old' profile. Prayers are always answered, one way or the other.

see 2241
all these comments are old but now he uses the same scam under the name fedor kallistos from TN.
i was surprised to read the posts because i feel like i should have read it before. i tried to search for fedor but i could not find anything.i guess this is because he changed his name. i guess that this group or individual had to take a year break or move because the police was after them.

i also met this guy (for the lack of other words) on and yes he was so romantic and so supportive. he told me a hear breaking story how his parents died when he was a child in Greece. he also told me a story how he is so broken because his love of his life died from cancer and he was so destroyed that he had to leave TX. he said that he is now in UK work on this big project of millions of dollar and things are going barely. he sold everything and he lives in apartment without heating. he cried and sounded hones. when i didn't believe me he manipulated me to believe that i am wrong to do so. we decide to forget about the money and we indeed forgot about it getting closer a month later he asked again and i broke and gave him the money.
here is the info he asked to send the money:
Agent's name: Steve Brawal
Address: 1189 Victoria Island
City: Lagos
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Zipcode: 23401


Security question: Shipment doc for fedor?

Ans: Done

Agent 2

Wale Thompson

same Info

amount 2500usd.

same security question text and answer.

YOu will send me the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) its a 10digit on the reciept for each of them..and the detail of the sender's name(you) name as on the receipt and zipcode.

he is so good that he even continue to be in communication for several months later. until one time he stopped. needless to say that each time i asked for my money back he asked for more time.

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