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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/09/2011
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New Jersey Army National Guard family support in Teaneck NJ


Teaneck, New Jersey, 07666

You have retired personal from the National Guard running a Family support Center for their own profit. 1st of all no soldiers from the Teaneck Armory are on a Deployment right now and these individuals running this center are leading the public to believe that they are helping soldiers in need when in fact the only personal receiving the donated products are retired personal and some select individuals that are in the loop none were deployed and none are being deployed so why is this going on!!!


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To the anonymous coward who reported this so called scam.Please get your fax right before writing anything about the F.R.G at the Teaneck armory.The F.R.G has help numerous soldiers during and after deployment.If you were at the meetings you would know this.If you have any proof of any of your aligations please show up to a meeting and let yourself be know stop being a coward.Your aligations have caused alot of problems for alot of people.
I agree with nevascared. First whoever you are, you are a coward. Secondly, why wouldn't you go through your chain of command if you had a gripe with the operations of the food pantry so they could get some answers for you. I think it's time to school you. All of our retirees are past soldiers. The majority of them have served our country faithfully for 20 years or more. All of the civic groups, Boy Scout Leaders, Girl Scout Leaders, American Legions and VFW's all consist of retirees. Guess what? Those retirees are the onses who selflessly hold food drives and other events to keep our pantry's stocked. Before you make accusations, check your facts and hopefully one day when you retire you will be able to be one of thos great retirees.
The individuals in question, have supported the Teaneck Armory for many years and whose reputation are impecable. They still serve the food pantry after retiring, still committed to their duty.

Your posting has prompted an investigaton which will be conducted under Military Law by high ranking officers. Too bad you can't clear the names involved as quickly as you bashed their reputation.

Your posting has prevented needy families of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan from receiving much needed assistance. We are talking about food staples and diapers that are padlocked.

This has affected the lives of troops and their families who are in desparate need of these goods.

A family member who is a volunteer has THOUSANDS of bags of groceries from the local community over the past 5 years. So what's is the scam?
Let me clarify, that is THOUSANDS of bags of groceries going to the food pantry and to the troops in need. And that is not enough.
I simply cannot believe you are such a coward that you didn't reveal yourself. And that you went to a website to give your concerns instead of your CO. I am a volunteer at the National Guard FRG for 2 years now and I can say under oath that the FRG has never turned away anyone! There are standard rules for the pantry and if your needs are greater that the rules a soldier can ALWAYS speak to any officer of the FRG and they will be helped...ALWAYS. I am not even a soldier and I dedicate my time and efforts without pay to the Teaneck FRG because they always do the right thing. This is a very honorable organization and for someone so bitter to sabotage it for hundreds and thousands of families is one of the most selfish things I have ever witnessed. Did you know that in the 2 weeks holiday season over 300 families were served by the pantry? and 500 children had gift bags? Any you want to say theses are all retirees? You are an idiot. Where is the proof? Where is the coercion? And as for deployment, did you know that we do still have a few families dealing with deployed soldiers and did you know many soldiers that came home, came home to no jobs, losing their home, not enough money to pay the bills and the pantry and FRG officers are they for them! How DARE you make such a accusation with no proof. We can prove our work, can you prove your lies...
  • nabel
  • Submitted: 03/04/2011
I am shocked and hurt about the allegations that there is any wrong doing with the Teaneck armory FRG, they help so many soldiers and their families in their time of need, I have seen all their good work and dedication by first hand and never experience or watch them turn away any soldiers in need. many children and hungry families will suffer because of your doing and all i can say is that the truth will come out and may god forgive you for your dishonest words. My name is nabel,National guard spouse and i can be reach at 973-759-2252 because un like you i have nothing to hide.These volunteers spend countless hours supporting the troops and on an occasion like the holiday's they arranged a meal for over 400 soldiers and their families.God bless 1SG Hiller, SFC Shaw and the rest of the team.Shutting this operation down will end the relation with the community and lastly, the soldiers will be hurt.
The Teaneck Armory has been helping the families of soldiers who are deployed and have continued to do so even after deployment for years now. Much support is given in ALL meetings as well as the food pantry. Your assumptions should have been checked !
I've been volunteering at the Teaneck Armory for a long time. And never have I seen them turn families away. The policy at the Teaneck Armory is that we do NOT leave families behind. I started off volunteering in the Moral Support section and then I started helping in the food pantry as well. Now, because of you, so many families have to sit around wondering where their next meals will come from.

We have been through so much, from deployments, to returns, and even matrimony and deaths. Never have I seen so many people and families pull together to help each other deal with these stressful, difficult, and trying times. Where were you when they were calling at all hours of the night asking for someone to talk to? Or to open the food pantry so they could feed their children? Certainly, you were not informed of how much the FRG has gone through, and still goes through, to ensure that they are getting the help that they need.

How you could have the audacity to make such a claim, to pass such judgment, is beyond my understanding. So many soldiers and their families are homeless and instead of them getting the help, and support, that they so desperately need, you are creating controversy so that now, they have to fall by the wayside until this "investigation" is over. And what are you doing to help these families? Sitting on your butt, and creating problems.

I think you are despicable and I have no respect for you what so over. I cannot imagine how you can try to diminish all that the people at the Teaneck Armory have done to help and support families in need. But to you, I can only say this, "For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous and the way of the ungodly shall perish." And you should know that when you are in need of help, the FRG will still be there to help you and we will not turn you away.
  • lkssg
  • Submitted: 03/14/2011
I am responding to the annonymous person that posted the comment about the Family Asistance Center in Teaneck New Jersey. I am not sure who you are and what caused you to post untrue comments. I am not even sure if you really care but you should not judge people. I know first hand that the people you are slandering are close friends of mine and I watched them build that Family Center from the ground up. I remember when that Center was just a closet. I am a soldier and there were times I had to go to the Food Pantry when I did not have any place else to go. I have to agree with some of the replies posted. You should really research or show up to meet some of the volunteers and coordinators. In closing, we all have to answer to what we say and do. You know in your heart, what you said IS NOT TRUE.
This scam really blows my mind. As a former member of the Family Readiness Youth Group, I can honestly say that the people that run the center and food pantry are not ones to run a scam. Whoever mister or misses anonymous is, you need to show your face at an FRG meeting. There you will see all the soldiers, retired and active, that you have cause distress. And I honestly think you are the one who is trying to scam the FRG Center because you probably didn't get what you wanted out of them. Do not take their kindness for weakness. They help those that are truly in need! Just know anonymous, the Teaneck Family Readiness Group will rise against this. There are many loyal supporters of this group. May God be with you.

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