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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 06/08/2021
  • Severity: 10

Karla Weiler-Aumack


Cooper City, Florida

Do you know Karla Weiler-Aumack aka Karla Aumack aka karlaaumack (Instagram)?
Karla Weiler-Aumack aka Karla Aumack aka karlaaumack aka Kloset Obsession By Karla is a disgusting CHILD MOLESTER AND CHILD PREDATOR.
Karla Weiler-Aumack aka Karla Aumack aka karlaaumack is very active on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, where she peddles her trashy, cheap-quality lotions, potions, and other junk by scamming oeple out of thousands of dollars and even tricks people into paying for her MLM multi-level-marketing pyramid schemes.
Karla Weiler-Aumack , in her many hours of free time, engages in child molestation and pornography.
Karla Weiler-Aumack is a repulsive old woman who preys on very underage children, male and female and victimizes them with inappropriate sexual conduct, molestation, rape activities.
Her address is:
4984 SW 94 Terrace: Cooper City, Florida.
Her junk business is:
Kloset Obsession By Karla.
She also peddles her crap "scents" and other B.S. products (That cause people to break out in severe rashes and postules) and plastic sunglasses and other trash.

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