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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/10/2011
  • Severity: 10

Dr. Dorian Leigh Guerrierie

Con Artist

Hackettstown, Bethlehem, Hellertown,, Pennsylvania, 18015

This woman is psychotic.
I never scammed her out of money. I'm sure no other Real Estate professional has either. She is falsley representing herself and she's been around in the Lehigh Valley for
years now. Sharon Arnold was her agent for Coldwell Banker. She found the rental for Ms. Dorian at 5308 Stenton Drive . She is now trying to work on finding a different landlord to scam. She has a falsified Mortgage Preapproval. Her scam includes pointing the finger at others. All of the people that she is accusing are on to her and so she chooses defamation of character as her weapon. Not going to work this time, Dorian. You better pack your sh*t and turn yourself in. You are abusing your children. Google this b*tch and you'll see that SHE IS THE LIAR!!!!!!!!!!! Google "Dorian Guerrierie Motorcycle" and you can see how
she scammed this poor guy out of a motorcycle suit. You're a nutcase, Dorian. You can change your name and your location but it will all catch up to you someday.


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