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Casa Gi Jewelry

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Boca Raton, Florida

I purchased 3 CTW pave diamond earrings from this person who claimed to be President of Casa Gi. She offered me wholesale price for these earrings, which I got appraised & it as appraised less. After 30 days, these earrings infected my earrings, and requested to return them. She accepted the return, and I requested for her to apply the money from the earrings to the bracelet. She refused to refund my money since she wasn't sure if someone would purchase them, and she demanded for me to pay for the earrings. I already put a deposit on the bracelet. So, why should I gave her more money when she took in the earrings supposedly worth close to what the bracelet is worth. Needless to say, again she changed her return policy, and told me she will not issue cash refund. She had a buyer for the bracelet & will return my earrings. Months went by without receiving my earrings, she sold both pieces to another jeweler & refused to return my money for both items. I spent thousands of dollars & the legal system is not easy to achieve a refund.

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