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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/11/2021
  • Severity: 10

Meir Raanan

Child Pornography

Van Nuys, California

Meir Raanan:
Meir Raanan aka Meir Tax aka Italuce Corporation (His business names that he, Meir Raanan hides behind) is a SCAMMER, THEIF, Child Predator.
His shady business office (That he runs his several businesses out of and hides behind and MOLESTS LITTLE BOYS IN) is located at:
7857 Burnett Avenue in Van Nuys, California.
27458 Rondell Street in Agoura Hills, CA.
Meir Raanan also has an apartment on the West side in Los Angeles, California.
Meir Raanan. Meir Raanan also known as Meir Tax. Meir Tax aka Meir Raanan.

Meir Raanan owns a SCAM business called Meir Tax. Meir Raanan also owns a SCAM business called Italuce Corporation.
All his businesses are in the same shady, rickety office in Van Nuys, CA.
With these businesses, he pretends to sell lighting products and operates a "construction" business.
However, what he actual does is ply his ILLEGAL DRUG TRADE, cheat gangs out of their share of the drug profits, and piss people off.
These activities are in addition to his secret child pornography and molestation activities.
This is the reason he has a bank of surveillance cameras at his crappy little office--Because he has so many enemies and he is a COWARD.
Meir Raanan currently drives a grey/silver truck.
So he's not difficult to find (Wink wink).

Meir Raanan aka Meir Tax aka Italuce are all fronts for extremely ILLEGAL, shady, highly corrupt backroom dealings in illegal drugs.

Meir Raanan operates a so-called “tax preparing” business (With ALL FAKE "good" revies that he posted himself) in a filthy, dark, run-down, horribly sleazy section of Van Nuys, CA.

Meir Raanan is NOT a certified or licensed accountant. He is here from Israel and he is INCOMPETENT.
If you allow and pay him to prepare your taxes, he will make so many mistakes that will cause you numerous, endless problems with the IRS and other financial agencies. Your problems will never end and you will LOSE incredible amounts of money.

Meir Raanan Is also a thief, a SCAMMER, and a CON ARTIST.
His office is overcrowded with equipment and boxes and cases full of illegal narcotics and weapons and other material that he actually sells, while he uses the office as a fake front for his shady dealings.

His shady dealings are under a business name: Italuce Corportation.
He also has a contacting license, but that, too, is used as another fake front for his weapons trading, drugs, and child pornography..

While he charges extremely high rates to incompetently and incorrectly prepare your taxes, you must sit and wait in his office that is cluttered with drugs, rotten food, stench, and other things that make you physically ill.

And he cannot even file taxes correctly. He keeps you waiting as he:

1) Has to call and spend hours on the phone with tax advocates who have talk and walk him through all of mistakes he made and who get so frustrated with him and his broken English, that you can hear it in their voices.

2). He has tons of other calls on other lines from other angry, upset clients

3). He leaves to run out and do deliveries and errands for his shady drug business and other corrupt dealings, for hours and hours.

Meir Raanan currently resides in Agoura Hills and the West side of Los Angeles which is Brentwood, CA.

However, he often flies off to Israel, where he has an ex girlfriend and a toddler daughter.

He has actually molested and had sex with his own little girl.
This is why his ex girlfriend (Yifat Shoshani) is his ex now. When the woman was here, he had gotten her knocked up with the baby. Only 8 days after the kid was born, he molested her.

Now the 5-year old kid is a whore. Yes, the 5-year old kid is in training to become a SPREAD-IT-AROUND, PSYCHOPATH like her daddy, Meir Raanan.

So the ex is constantly suing him in Israeli courts, so he frequently flies off to Israel to attend court hearings. But he has to do it under the radar, because he is on the fugitive list. And that’s why he has several different ID’s under different names.

Now lets re-iterate how his actions and acitivites and distractions can RUIN YOUR life:
1). When he messes up your tax filings and you have immense trouble with the IRS and other, and you try to contact him, he will block you and never respond to or help you.
2)He will completely cut you off
3). If you have any other dealings with him, he will screw you, steal your money, and then disappear for a while.

His website is full of LIES.
The website mentions “our team.” In reality, there is NO “team” there. It’s just liar, con artist Meir Raanan and his many surveillance cameras (Because he has so many enemies that he’s made by doing illegal dealings and getting everyone angry at himself) and his slimy, dirty, ant and cockroach-ridden office, stuffing his fugly face, stinking of stale onions and garlic, and having messing poops in his office toilet, while making TONS of money off of his drugs and weapons sales, child porn sales, and illegal "tax filing" business.

HIs office and even the surrounding areas outside his office have many video surveillance cameras. That’s because he is in so much trouble with so many people that he has to constantly hide from his many enemies. So he has to constantly keep watch.

And while you’re in his office, you’re in danger, too, because his enemies are always looking for him.

Meir Raanan has had several male receptionists work for him,
but they’ve all left. So he currently has some very young boy as his assistant.
(Of course, the sexual harassment of his male receptionists had a lot to do with them quiting).

And here’s the thing:
Meir Raanan also like little boys. He in fact loves them. Make of this what you want, because it’s all true.

So do NOT hire Meir Raanan to prepare your taxes. In fact, do not deal with him at all.

By the way, if you have been unfortunate enough to be victimized by him, you can make a police report AND you can file a formal complaint about him with agencies that govern accountants, because he is Unlicensed and is doing all of this illegaly.
That agency is the Fraud Unit of the IRS.

And ignore any phony reply he might post here.
Meir Raanan is a professional bullshyttter.
Bullshhytting, staeling, hustling, lying, even raping children is the only thing he does professionally.

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Child Pornography


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