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Larbi Johnson

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Orange, New Jersey

Let's see he goes on dating websites & I have found his bogus profiles on LinkedIn, Friendster, Yahoo, and PerfectSpot. He uses different current locations like NJ, Dubai, London, South Africa, and Ghana. He uses real pictures of himself from Dubai & other countries. His network includes: Jenny ("Sister"), Suzanne ("UN Boss"), Ezekiel ("Christian Ticket Agent willing to help"), and Larry ("Banker"). Let's say he lies about everything & uses Magic Jack for phone numbers, he constantly changes his numbers & email address. He will forward you pictures of his dogs, cars, boats, and family. He travels around & has an extensive collection of where he has traveled. Some pictures have him with credential ID tags to show he has a high profile title & mostly from Dubai or Korea. He will need you to send money in other people's names (Ezekiel) only by Western Union since he's not a citizen. He will tell you paying with credit cards are too unsafe & wire transfers are easier. I had a friend call Suzanne asking if her daughter Jenny was ok. She confirmed Jenny was her, the relationship with Larbi & these people are very questionable. Towards the end of the scam he had his banker contact me to setup offshore account to receive 1 million dollars. This scam lasted for 9 months & it cost me $$$$.

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Hi Good_Girl
I'm the author of a couple of other postings,,, see post 1965. Your 'scammer' is apparently one of MANY. So sorry this happened to you and glad to see you posted here. I also got 'bit', as you can see in 1965. LIke you, I want to improve awareness to all potential VICTIMS of these unconscientiable people. So glad to see your post here!

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