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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/10/2011
  • Severity: 10

Pet Harbor, Humane Education League

Undue influence on an Elder

Gardena, California, 90248

Elaine Richardson is the director of this organization and my mother called me in 2005-2006. She rescued a cat from the above "non profit" and talked her into signing her estate over to Elaine. She called me crying that they would not leave her alone. She wrote a will to me and when she was found dead they told the police that we were estranged and legal heir to everything. Meanwhile I had a medical directive and left the will addressed to me in her home. I told them where the will was kept and $6,000.00 and to keep it for safekeeping-they were seen taking bags and bags of papers (shredded) to their cars (by neighbors) and dumpster. When I got down there all my clothes, mothers day cards (my mother never threw anything away) was gone as I had been down there 16 days earlier. The house was cleaned out. There are rumors of them putting down animals without a vet present which is a felony. They are total dirtbags


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