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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 09/24/2021
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Joey Lozado

thief druggie corruption

Chula vista, California

Joey Lozando Miserable old 60 year old gay man Chula Vista California

Hi I am Barry. I am a customer at Club San Diego in Hillcrest, San Diego, CA, I was asked to write this from an employee who does not want to be fired for telling this story. Joey Lozado on July 28, 2012 tried to get behind the counter at the front desk at 4:19PM and steal money that was sitting on the counter. I was a witness and so was 2 other club members. The person working cleaning the rooms told me that Joey Lozado (Lozano) is a known drug dealer at this club that was selling drugs since 2010 and was caught by him (the employee).

I cannot believe after all the hard work the club did to get rid of the trash, they let this guy in. You should see he has like 4 teeth left and is purely old as F! The employee told me stories about how Joey Lozado would ask other club members if they wanted to "buy". I currently signed an affidavit and gave it to the manager about what I saw him try to steal. I congratulate the entire staff at Club San Diego for getting rid of the final trash and making it better. The employee told me he has multiple pics of this guy on his phone of trying to steal from the club San Diego and other things.

~ Barry, ~


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