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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 10/04/2021
  • Severity: 10

Cleve Ziegler


Montreal, QC

I want to report Cleve Ziegler, for being a total scammer, ripping me off thousands of dollars by his billing malpractice, and for being a total creep whenever I’d have my OBGYN appointments with him.

Dr Cleve Ziegler

I was told by my OBGYN Dr Cleve Ziegler from Montreal Jewish Hospital and Complexe Medical Elna that since cancer runs in my family I would benefit from genetic cancer test. I completed an online questionnaire to ensure my eligibility and I was eligible. I asked Dr Cleve Ziegler how do I know how much this test would cost and if insurance would cover it. He reassured me that Complexe Elna Medicale will contact my insurance and if my portion of the payment will be more than 350$ they would call me and I will have an option to decline the test and they will simply discard my blood sample. No one has called me.

Dr Cleve Ziegler OBGYN Scammer

Then, in February I received an Explanation of Benefits from my insurance company reflecting payment to Dr Cleve Ziegler in the amount of 1655.59$. I thought its an expensive test, but was glad insurance paid for it. Imagine my surprise when 1 month later I received an additional bill from Dr Cleve Ziegler for 535.08$!!! I called him, described my situation, and asked Cleve Ziegler why no one has contacted me before running this expensive test, would I know how much it costs I would most definitely decline it. I was told they don’t call their customers and this bill is my responsibility. He then became extremely rude with me.

Josie Gold

He went from being a really nice OBGYN that would give me special discounts if I’d spend time with him when his wife Josie Gold wasn’t home at (((REDACTED))), to this really mean person trying to get every penny out of me. I still don’t understand why Dr Cleve Ziegler decided to be so rude with me. I normally wouldn’t call him out, but taking into account his arrogance and the fact that he emotionally dragged me, I have no choice but to post this review about Dr Cleve Ziegler, OBGYN in Montreal Canada, so that everybody knows which type of person he is.

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Author needs psychiatric help. If you know who he/she/they is please call 911. This is fraud and libel.

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