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First Community Financial

Hard Money Loans

Kingston, West Indies, 5 region

web address www.firstcommmunityfinancial. They contact you right way and sound very legitimate. You discuss the loan that you need and they explain that because they use off shore investors they do not have the strict guidelines that we have in the states, thereby making it much easier to get funded. Loan documents are sent and they also look legitimate. Also, because they are off shore the funds needed to "secure" your loan must be sent ahead of time. They will go as far as sending your a letter of guarantee of funds.

Andrew Cross, Samuel Perkins, Paul Daniels are very good at making you believe them. They listen to you over the phone and have an answer for everything. The only thing they don't have is your loan funds. I'm a person who has been in the lending and real estate field and they managed to make me believe them. Don't you do it!

Be ware of these numbers: 876-449-5095; 876-449-5945; 846-282-9456


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