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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 01/11/2022
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Abraham Guerrero Gomez

A dangerous, abusive scamer

Montreal, QC

Where do I even begin....

It all started 8 months ago. I was on Plenty of Fish and Abraham contacted me. We chatted for a while and set a date to meet in my city (he lived in Montreal and I in Gatineau).

First when I saw him, his face was not as thin as online.
We walked and talked. He is a 30 year old Mexican( actually in his 40s).
We got along great!

Then as discussed previously online, we would go our separate ways at the door of my building. I went home and he drove back to Montreal. Later he puts this against me as an unwelcoming individual.

We kept seeing each other and everything was like a dream. A little bit controlling but nothing I couldn't handle. Then he'd stay with me for a while. Meanwhile he gets angry that I am bisexual and that it's a disease and I need a psychiatrist to heal. I ignored him but it hurt. Then he started throwing away my medications for depression, anxiety and insomnia. I couldn't get more at the pharmacy because I had to much on hand and he took all the money from my bank account... so my depression and anxiety came back with a vengeance.

Skip to my Birthday, September 4rth. He was with me that morning and confessed to having no plans at all for me to celebrate. Then he suggested a breakfast restaurant. I was happy, we get to the car when my mom called and said she wanted to have lunch with us.
He was so FURIOUS to a change of plan. We went back in my apartment and he kept threatening to leave for Montreal and come back once he "felt like it". I was panicked and with the lack of my medication I used a steak knife at cut the top of my left wrist (still have the scar but I covered it with a tattoo).

We ended up going to the restaurant just me and him. I was so anxious, I was not even hungry and he was very strict about finishing your plate. This added stress. Not to mention he was criticizing my parents non stop.
The next day in the evening my family and him went to a restaurant to celebrate my birthday.  I was again too nervous to eat. And got sick from nerves.

Comes the time I stupidly move in with him and Amanda who he claims is his cousin(they are not related). My Dad rented a truck and I planned on having my best friend and her bf to help. Abraham was so angry, he said if I got help, he'd leave and go home without helping me move. (I have a busted wrist) so I canceled my friends. He placed everything with my dad who had a bad back. Abraham complained later that he had to do EVERYTHING. And left 2 important boxes behind. I lost those.

There I discovered that Amanda was his spy when he was not around with me. Remember, I am still off my meds.
When I asked for a key to the door of the building,  he said there was only 1 for the 3 of us and they keep their door unlocked, but the main door is always locked. I couldn't go anywhere alone. And had no work due to moving and was on sick leave.

He'd have me with him 24/7 and at his "job" of selling toys on Facebook.  So, whenever Abraham wanted sex, there was no way I was allowed to say no. Say no and it was forced anal sex. Lots of bleeding. He'd do it to me day and night. I was terrified and lost my self-esteem and was terrified to be without him because I truly thought I couldn't do anything for myself. And I was convinced by him that my family bad mouthed me and wouldn't help.

With him I learned he was not just Homophobe but very 1940"s sexist and racist against Canadians, Indians, Orientals, etc.

Of course I tried to maintain contact with my family as much as I could. That angered him more and threatened to throw me out or put my cat in the spca. He wanted me to call my family once every month or less.... and Amanda always backed him up. When I reached out to her to help me, she told him everything and my life was worsened.

The cellphones. Since I never had credit, he used me to get him and Amanda new cellphones in my name (I took one for me too). I sadly didn't read the contract as Abraham guilt tripped me that I didn't trust him. So I signed.

Now during ALL of this since the move, he kept my bank card and found a way to change my nip. I never had money in unless I asked him for some and justify why. Thus no meds.

A WHOLE lot more abuse came my way and I did manage to get out.

On December 24th, I escaped with my Cat to my parents house. Now, after that my family made a deal with Abraham to pay his and Amanda's cellphones while I paid mine (had a job in December there). But about 2 weeks ago my family got fed up with his harassment and conditions to keep Paying.

My father had enough and told me he'd pay the 2 year contract and take Abraham and Amanda's cellphones off the account. I did but I also marked the cellphones as stolen and the numbers can't ever be used.

All positive comments about him are by Amanda. No one else.
Look at what a gaslighter is and it's him in person.

If you need help to escape go where he and Amanda have no contact to. Make your calls and please leave him

When I tried to escape, police were called and while Amanda impersonated me, he was on top of me on the bed one hand on my mouth, the other blocking my nose. I thought I was going to die.

NOW: I'm overcoming severe PST of his abuse, I have the perfect most loving boyfriend and I am happy.

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A dangerous, abusive scamer


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