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  • Submitted: 01/17/2022
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Brook Thelma Varona Ordonez aka Brook Varona Ordonez-Elderly Abuse, IHSS SCAMS

Child Molestation

Winnetka, California

Brook Thelma Varona Ordonez aka Brook Varona Ordonez-Elderly Abuse, IHSS SCAMS
Brook Thelma Ordonez: IHSS SCAMMER! Caregiving CRIMINAL!
Winnetka, California
An old woman, a HAG by the name of Brook Thelma Ordonez Varona aka Brook Ordonez Varona aka Brook Thelma Varona aka Brook Varona is a Winnetka, California IHSS "provider" who allegedly provides in-home "caregiving" services for the elderly.
We state ALLEGEDLY, because this woman, Brook Ordonez Varona aka Brook Varona aka Brook Thelma Varona is a SCAM Artist.
She causes extensive harm and damages for any IHSS elderly recipient and anyone who needs in-home care.
Brook Varona is an absolute TERROR.
Brook Ordonez Varona pretends to be "just a sweet old lady" during the interview process.
However, once she's hired to come to any elderly person's home to provide caregiver services, she does not do the caregiving work.
Instead, she goes around the home of the elderly person, disobeys the orders, needs, wishes of the person who hired her, and she does only what she herself chooses to do--This ranges from PRETENDING to be dusting (While she's actually secretly taking photos of the home and its contents to later have her son: Moses Ordonez come burglarize and rob the home and commit theft against the occupants), STEAL contents of the home, and be passiv=aggressive by intentionally scratching, chipping, breaking whatever contents and belongings she does not steal).
This woman, Brook Ordonez Varona is a real-life nightmare of epic proportions.
She makes up grand FALSE stories of the past years when she allegedly worked for the Hilton family and took care of Paris Hilton and her sister (Upon verification, it was discovered that this woman NEVER worked for any Hiltons), how she worked for members of the royalty (NOT true-Why would anyone who's ever worked for such distinguished families then quit and choose to work for minimum wage and clean diapers and do labor-intensive work for IHSS ??).
She has hours to waste by telling these lies and stories that she's made up.
She also tells true stories of all of her past IHSS clients who were "mean" to her. Now these stories, EXCEPT the "mean" parts are true==She did work for other elderly recipients of IHSS, however, none of them were mean to her. SHE in FACT stole from them, disobeyed them, committed crimes against them and did countless other passive-aggressive things to them.

Here's my own situation with the evil Brook Ordonez Varona aka Brook Thelma Ordonez Varona:
I called her from a list of IHSS providers, which IHSS gave me.
I stated I needed a worker for my disabled niece.
She pretended to be "so nice" on the phone.
I invited her for an interview (INTERVIEW ONLY) to my home.
She came and spent 2 to 3 hours or more, wasting my time, with her narcissistic self, telling me stories of her non-existent past employment with families of the royalty, the Hiltons, The Rothchilds, The Fairbanks, etc. (All LIES).
Then she regaled me with stories of her past IHSS clients and their meanness to her (More LIES--SHE was in fact the aggressor and problematic person).
Then she asked for lunch.
I was kind enough to feed her lunch.
BUT THEN SHE PRETENDED TO BE CLUMSY and broke my heirloom plate that belonged to my mother (This truly evil woman is highly jealous and extremely passive-aggressive and absolutely phony).
Then she said she needed to use my bathroom.
While in my bathroom, she dropped and broke my 2 vintage soap dishes, an antique candle holder, and permanently stained and ruined my hand towels.
Then, hours later when the interview was finally finished, she begged for a ride home.
I was kind and naive enough to fall for her old lady act and agree to drive her home.
Once we arrived at her apartment building, she deliberately exited my expensive vehicle in a way that created an expensive dent on the passenger door of my car,
She is a disaster to anyone she crosses paths with.
I refused to ever hire her.
However, she made FRAUDULENT claims to IHSS that she worked here and is owed back pay.
This woman, Brook Varona, is pure menace.
Her heart and mind are corrupted and as evil as the rest of her is.
She is a toxic sociopath in sheep's clothing,

For reference and in order for the public to be protected from this narcissistic, toxic, elderly-abusing woman, Brook Varona, here's her address:
20615 Vanowen Street
Apartment 302
Winnetka, CA. 91306.

I saw this post today. I'm another person who's father was receiving "care" from this dangerous woman, Brook Ordonez Varons.
Our experiences were even WORSE.
Brook Varona was hired to help my elderly dad. While doing so, my 8-year old daughter was visiting. This woman SEXUALLY ASSAULTED MY DAUGHTER when we were not looking!
My daughter is traumatized and ill now, as a result of Brook Varona sexually assaulting her.
Her innocense and childhood have been stolen from her.
I've filed a police report. The investigation needs to run its course.
But because this disgusting old woman is using her age to PRETEND & LIE that she didn't do it, we may not get justice.

I urge everyone to know about this woman & act accordingly.

Please disregard any "reply" or "rebuttal" that Brook Ordonez Varona or anyone on her behalf might post here--Those would be MORE LIES.

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Child Molestation


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