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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/15/2022
  • Severity: 10

Mark Laus aka y2k_marklaus

Child Pornography

northridge, California

Please beware of a very dangerous guy by the name of Mark Laus aka Mark S Laus aka y2K_marklaus.
Mark Laus aka Mark S Laus aka y2K_marklaus is a terrible animal abuser and backyard breeder of innocent dogs. He abuses and massively breeds Bullies and Frenchies while keeping them malnourished, outside in extreme temperatures and sometimes without water, without adequate shelter, and without proper medical care.
He FALSELY claims otherwise.
However, he lies.
And here is something even more frightening: Mark Laus aka y2k_marklaus also has inappropriate relations with little boys. He runs a child trafficking ring with his sister Nicole Laus.
Nicole Laus aids and abets her older brother Mark Laus aka Mark S. Laus aka y2k_marklaus in trafficking minors both male and female. Mark Laus and Nicole Laus both run a kidnapping ring in which they get these small children addicted to a list of illegal drugs, to render them docile and drowsy and more vulnerable they already are such young ages, and sell them into childhood slavery of a sexual and pornographic nature.
Nicole Laus aka Lourdes Laus and Mark Laus aka Mark S. Laus aka y2k_marklaus do these terrible, heinous things for profit.
They abuse, sell, fight dogs, and run childhood molestation rings for profit.
Nicole Laus aka Lourdes Laus, in her spare time, when she's not so busy selling and profiting from animals and children, to compete for Miss Filipino International (Although her prospects are extremely poor, at only 4 feet 2 inches, even with 5-inch cheap heels that stripper wear at stripper clubs). Mark Laus aka Mark S. Laus aka y2k_marklaus likes to continue buying and selling dogs, and also having very inappropriate activities with 8-year old little boys (He obtains these little boys by bribing little boys, of his family friend, with chocolate bars).
Mark Laus aka Mark S, Laus aka y2k_marklaus and Nicole Laus both live in Northridge, California and like to frequent locations such as Boba Houses in Northridge, California.
This information is being posted in the interest of public safety.

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