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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/11/2011
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Natasha Furman

Custom Cheer Doll Uniforms

atlanta, Georgia

My 7yr old daughter is in cheerleading & loves AG dolls @ a cheer competition my wife & I saw a few girls with matching cheer uniforms for their doll so we googled & found My wife sent pictures & paid for this for our daughter over 3months ago! The lady to make is named Natasha Furman.. Be careful people she's a scammer! Her site looks real but she will never send the product! We have emailed her many times & she never gets back to us! She has No phone # on her site & her # in the phonebook is off. We are now filing thieft/fraud charges on her. Our credit card company said we can dispuite it but a person to do this to a little girl needs to be seen in court & hopefully jail! If anyone else had been scammed by her please post/ write a review, the more of us to get together the better on shutting this horrible person down!

*One Mad Dad


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Us, too!!! We ordered in Nov. With the promise that we would get these by Christmas. No contact what so ever. What a snake. These are kids she dealt with. Shame!!!!
Good news is, we have a lawyer ready to go after her....We sunk 600.00 into this. Wewill get our money back!!! Let us know how it goes for you!
I too went through the same thing that you guys did. I spent the money on the uniform that I ordered in October of 2009. She assured me that I would have my uniform for Christmas. This was the big gift that my daughter asked Santa for. I was sickened that the uniform never came in time. I emailed and emailed and emailed. My daughter was so upset on Christmas that Santa didn't bring her her gift, and I was heart broken. The phone # listed for this woman was disconnected and I was furious that I had trusted her. However, several months later, my uniform came. She emailed me and let me know she had finished it finally and had it mailed to me. I was shocked that I ever got it, but I did. Several months late, with no communication, and after a ruined Christmas morning. What a witch! I think her site is now shut down, thankfully!

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