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California Law Group / Payday Loans

Payday Loan Collection Agency (California Law Group)

Bakersfield, California, 93311

A representative (Kate Jones) from "California Law Group" will call individuals who may have used one of the many "loan advance" programs, stating that you have not paid for your loan with "American Payday Loans", and that if you do not pay you will be subject to fines and attorney fees up to $8000.00. You can settle the account for an amount of approx $800 if done at that time.

They are rude, threatening and persistent. They called from 661-727-3076, claiming to be California Law Group. If you call back, they answer the phone "hello". I called the "American Payday Loan" office (back east), to check if maybe there was an open account in my name. When I told them a collection agency called me, the lady on the phone asked if it was "California Law Group", and told me they receive many inquiries regarding this, and that it is a scam. They do not handle accounts in that fashion and do not use California Law Group. BEWARE!!


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