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  • Submitted: 02/16/2011
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William Hogarty

Building his House on the Backs of Others

Livermore, California, 94551

I Mona Blake was scammed by William Hogarty and Greg Lomba! The funny thing is that they think they're going to get away with it. U see there's something called Karma! It has nothing to do with mans law, but everything to do with Gods Law! When you wage a war against Gods people its like waging a war against God! I don't know about anybody else but I know I'm getting my money back! So haha. In Gods word he declares that no weapon formed against me shall prosper.Isaiah 54:17 and Gods word is never mocked. William if I were you Id be scared! because the wrath of God is upon You.


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Very powerful stuff Mona.

If you feel you are victim of this scam, it is imperative that you check this post again at about 4:30PM Friday 2/18/11 (tomorrow). I will have some information that might be of use to you.

I sooo agree Mona... will continue to 'watch' your post....
Lisa, thanks for your courage in posting... we need more to come forward to we can 'out' all of these fraudsters....
I'm so sorry to say that I can't post the information I originally thought I would have until over the weekend. I will update this as soon as I am able to release the information.

Here we go.....

If you are following this and the situation with William Hogarty or OF Lending, tune in to Channel 7 news (ABC/KGO) tonight for their 6:00 broadcast.
  • lukuba
  • Submitted: 02/20/2011
GREG LOMBA- Contra Costa Fraud Unit has received numerous complaints against Greg Lomba for fraud , has the evidence, and is preparing to prosecute. For those living in other counties who were scammed by him I suggest contacting your county fraud unit and filing a report. Ask them to forward all info to Anne Frisk Contra Costa Sheriff Dept. Fraud Diivision 925 313-2743 who is overseeing the investigation. With multiple counties involved his case will be headed to to state attorney General .
If you are one of the people that Bill has recently told that he only has $18 and can't afford lunch for his kids, just know that a few weeks ago he took his wife on a vacation to Tahoe. So does this mean he is taking vacations instead of feeding his children? Hmmmmm.

In case you missed Channel Seven's "Seven On Your Side" report about Bill Hogarty and OF Lending,, here's a link to the story. Note when you watch it that he surrendered his license even though he is still claiming he is out of business because of "haters". Also note that the Department of Real Estate feels it was a scam. So when he claims it was the "haters" that shut him down, just know this is more BS and that his own actions is what shut him down. I guess he doesn't get that when you do business in this state you actually have to follow the law.

This part I'm a bit embarrassed to post, but I want you to see what he is doing with the money
you paid him for a short pay refinance. He hosted a "naughty lingerie party" a few months back. You'll note that his wife even has on a fur coat in one of the pictures. Hmmmmm. I wonder if they have sold it to pay back someone they owe money too. If you read the invite carefully, you'll see it talks about something like 100 handpicked women that will be at the party wearing naughty lingerie. Yep, that's what this man thinks of women. And that's what he is doing with money he stole, inlcuding money that is supposed to be in a trust fund for his customers that isn't there. I was made aware of this over the weekend by another person victimized by this man. I guess this also means he is paying women to walk around in "naughty lingerie" before feeding his kids too. YUCK!!! Here's a link to the invite and photos:

I didn't think I would be posting again but reading hereI felt the need. I've been following these postings regarding William. If you search1805 in the box above you can read my feelings regarding this issue and the quality of those involved, but this party stuff. I think wonderful idea, if you don't mind renting out your house to make money so he can keep up with his creditors. How many of you would even think of something like this? Not many..and as far as I'm concerned some of you need to read John 8:7 instead looking off to the west 5 times a day looking for revenge. So think about it and have a nice day......
hmmmm. I guess you could make that point that this was a great way to keep up with his creditors if he was actaully KEEPING UP WITH HIS CREDITORS. Did you not get the memo (since you are likely his wife) that he filed bankruptcy so HE DOESN'T HAVE TO PAY HIS CREDITORS OR PAY HIS VICTIMS? So I thank you for confirming he actually profitted from his sleazy parties and further confirming he didn't use the money to pay those he stole from or to put people's money back in the trust account he emptied. I think he used the profit to take his wife on vacation a few weeks and have her draped in diamonds and furs (see the photo posted for proof). And he used to live in his mansion and drive a new car and to pay for an attorney so he doesn't have to pay anyone else.

And by the way, he was an active participant in the party as is obvious by the photos as he didn't have to stay at the party if he was merely renting it out for profit.

Just another quick thank you for confirming Bill made money from his parties. I'll be sure to inform the IRS that they need to be sure he claimed the income and paid taxes on it. It's also interesting that he didn't list this income on his bankrupcty filing. I'm pretty sure when the filing asks for "total income" they actually want the person's total income. Sort of makes sense, don't you think? I wonder how the trustee and judge are going to feel when they learn he conveniently left out this source of income? I wonder how many other sources of income he has that he failed to list? I'm so glad you raised this point.

Again, thank you for your contributions. Please do us all a favor and keep posting. Please.
I wonder if it was to promote business? Sounds like a go way to do it or could

have been a way to sell that house. You should remind him probably a tax deduction.

Remember the types of things he did when you worked for him. (remember)....

Who were your friends?

Think about it and have a nice day......
To christy aka "the next secret millionaire"

First, I think the name you are using on here is very telling. You do have to be a "secret" millionaire since you and your husband are trying to hide all your money and get out of paying all your creditors and victims back.

What Bill did for me? Ummmmm, okay.

He was nice enough to borrow money from me for a few months at a time and on muliple occasssions in the form of my commission and not pay me interest.

He was nice enough to take the commission on my loans and spend the money on your mansion, yacht and diamonds knowing full well that I wouldn't be paid what I was due as required by my contract with him.

He was also nice enough to rent me your house for about 15% more than fair market value.

He was nice enough to sell me a car and take money from me when he didn't legally own it.

'He did also sell me a car that he knew needed thousands in repairs and that he hid by paying his mechanice to clear all the error messages right before selling me the car. You'' probably recall that he fired me within 60 seconds of my calling him out on this.

I do recall him being nice enough to blow up at me twice because he needed to vent. The first time was actually him venting about how "stupid" he thought you were and that you were driving him crazy. The second episode was in the presence of my children. What kind of friend physically scares your children?

Now he did take me to lunch one day, but I seem to remember he used a buy one get one free promotion. LOL.

Then there was the time he asked me to run checks from my clients to your admin so he could quickly deposit the money because he was in Mexico on his yacht with you and didn't have enough money to get back.

So are you of the belief that I should be thanking him for all of this? Is this what you think friends do for or to each other?

Its SO hilarious that you are now saying his/your "naughty lingerie party" was meant to find a buyer for your house. Is that what he has convinced you of? So do tell what the purpose of the same party one year earlier was for when your house wasn't for sale? And do you really believe him and want us to believe that someone that would pay $50 to be at a party with a cabana seat by your pool to be around women in cheap lingerie would be a potential buyer for your 4.5 million dollar house? That is downright hilarious and only something Bill Hogarty would think he could get away with saying. Maybe he could pretend this was the case if he hosted an art exhibit or high stakes poker tournament, but a "naughty" lingerie party that the average age of the attendee was probably 23, c'mon, not even you could be stupid enough to believe that.

Now, let me try to help you understand how taxes work. Since you confirmed that you/he MADE money from the "naughty lingerie party" and other similar parties, this would mean you have to PAY taxes on the income. This is called "profit". You don't get a tax deduction from making a profit unless you are willing to lie and have a crooked accountant like it seems you have that would take a profitable event like this and report it as a loss in order to take it as a deduction like you apparently are. I think this is called tax fraud, but hey, I'm not an accountant.

This is so typical of how the two of you operate. It's just like how you are now both contacting former victims that paid you thousands for a short pay and telling them you are still working on their loans and that you are doing it out of the kindness of your hearts and WITHOUT PAY. This has to be a joke since obviously you were already paid by these same people when you illegally charged them advance fees. And now you want to tell them how wonderful you are that you are working on their loan for "{free" for them. Seriously, only Bill Hogarty would say something like this and actually believe it.

Please do all of us a favor and keep posting. You are making this so much easier by doing so. Its actually pretty entertaining too.
A quick reminder to those of you that are following this because you feel you were hurt by the short pay refinance program.....

James Rivera, a.k.a. "Jim Rivera", a.k.a. "J.R.", has filed a lawsuit against me claiming I cost him opportunity by my going public with the FACTS that I have. If you'd like to attend, the hearing is this Wednesday, March 9th at 2:00 PM at the Pleasanton Courthouse on Stoneride Drive in Pleasanton. We will be in Department 702. During the hearing, I will of course have the opporunity to pose certain questions to Mr. Rivera that will hopefully again lead to his admitting his knowledge of the legal issues at O.F. Lending and his knowledge of the short pay scam. He was "smart" enough to appear last month at a hearing where he was forced UNDER OATH to admit not a single Wells Fargo deal was every done, despite the fact that he took money from people after assuring them Wells Fargo short pays had been done, so I expect even more will come out during this hearing. I plan to make sure this is the case. I'm actually looking forward to it because I hope to draw more admissions out of him, admissions that will help those of you that were lied to. You don't have to testify to observe. It's a public hearing so you can simply be present. If you'd like to have your say, but don't want to testify, please email me your story and I will present it to the judge. My email address is

I should note that James Rivera's current broker (basically his current boss) has been extended an invitation to this hearing and some people that feel they were victimized by Jim Rivera have agreed to appear and to testify in person. If you have something you'd like to share or something you'd like to say to Jim Rivera directly, please attend and I will do everything in my power to call each of you as witnesses so you can have your say.

Again, the hearing is this Wed. at 2:00 PM at the Pleasanton courthouse in Dept 702. Here's the address in case you need it:

5672 Stoneridge Drive
Pleasanton, CA 94588
(925) 227-6700

By the way, if Jim Rivera signed you up for a short pay refinance and it didn't work, you need to sue him in small claims court. Email me at and I can tell you where on-line to find the forms. And while I'm not an attorney, they are very user friendly and I'm happy to give you my lay person's advice on completing them. Just know it takes all of about five minutes and this courthouse does have small claims dates and times in the evenings. And yes, I will be there to testify for you just as I have with others.

My email is in case you need/want to reach me. Let's hope all sorts of stuff comes out when he's under oath on Wed. We can ultimately get a transcript of the entire hearing if it's as productive as I think it will be.
Well, unfortunately I just learned that the court case that was to be heard today, the one where Jim Rivera is suing me (LOL), has been postponed until May 4th. So for those of you that graciously agreed to attend today as a witness to Jim's actions, please know there will be no hearing today. Please don't worry though as they date was just pushed back and from what I can tell, the case has NOT been dropped. I believe this means we will still have our day in court and we will still be able to get him to admit even more than what he did at the last hearing where he was sued and lost. He can't win his lawsuit unless I have a chance to defend myself and question him which of course means I'll have to (get to) ask him about every case I'm aware of where those involved feel there was deception. You know, like those of you that Jim Rivera signed up and accepted payment from with Wells Fargo loans even though he knew Wells Fargo didn't participate in the program (they never have). I also have several documents he'll have to answer to including some that he admitted to stealing from William Hogarty.

Do know that at the next hearing, I am going to subpeona several people as I learned from being at the courthouse today how I go about doing this. So just know, several people will be there, including his current boss, that will have the opportunity to hear all the evidence I have that supports everything that I have said or written about him. These same people can speak to his true income, since that's what he's suing me for, and his previous income. The net of it is that he can't win his case unless he can prove I lied about something and so he will leave me no choice but to prove everything I wrote about him, is 100% true. I'm not sure why he wants all of this to come out in open court, but I'll certainly go along for the ride if he insists that I lay out the whole ugly truth.

As to why he postponed, I can only guess that someone finally told him how stupid this whole case is and that he stands to lose more than he could ever gain. Or perhaps someone just clued him into the whole First Ammendment thing. I hope it isn't dropped for good because I think his former clients that feel they have been victimized stand to gain all sorts of good information, evidence and admissions from his having to testify in order to try to win his case.

Now, if you feel you were scammed by Jim Rivera and the others, please file a small claims suit against him PERSONALLY. Attached is a link to the on-line forms. It's very user friendly and you can call me if you need help. I'm obviously not an attorney, but I have seen these forms a few times now and feel I can help as just a lay person. Once you file, send me the court date so I can appear as your witness.

Here's the link:

I will update this again soon about the next court date so you all can plan to attend again. Thanks for the continued support and just know I am here to help you.
Looks like Bill Hogarty might now be in trouble with the IRS too.

I was just told of an apparent investigation the IRS is doing of Bill and Christy Hogarty because of some sort of law that requires tax payers to pay income tax on funds that are embezzled from customer trust funds. I know the DRE has evidence that the trust fund was raided and who the people were that signed on the account (including Christy), but I have no idea how much was taken. I know it was everything that was in it, but I don’t know what the original balance was. I think we are talking about a pretty significant amount of money though. Guess Bill and Christy didn’t list “embezzled trust funds” as income on their 2009 return and they should have.

Why I realize this doesn’t help anyone else get their money back, it is nice to know that they aren’t completely getting away with what they’ve done. My hope is also that since this is federal in nature that the feds will be alerted to all of this and that they might face both state and federal charges.

The person who clued me in promised more information in the near future. I will post as I learn more. Obviously I can’t independently verify this so just know that it comes from a source pretty close to the center of this and in my opinion, this person can be trusted.
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  • Submitted: 03/21/2011

call his cell !
(925) 406-4566

Call him at anytime, his kind rarely sleeps (;
Jim Rivera, formerly a Vice President at OF Lending is suing us for slander, to the tune of $5000.00. We have not slandered him in any way. Everything we have said is the truth.

If you had dealings with Jim Rivera at OF Lending and have information you believe will assist in our defense against this baseless and unfounded lawsuit, we invite you to testify about your experience, and have your say in open court.

The court date is this Wednesday, June 15th at 2 pm, Department 702.
The address is 5672 Stoneridge Drive, Pleasanton.

Thanks in advance. Your help is appreciated.

For those of you following this OF Lending/William Hogarty saga, I wanted to give a quick update. Please know that I have not independently had the opportunity to verify this myself, but I believe it to be 100% true.

Gregory Lomba, who has posted on here and who worked for Bill Hogarty as his VP for the Loan Modification Team, was arrested 3 weeks ago on charges of larceny related to his loan modification scam. Bail was set at $100K and he apparently was just released, I'd have to assume on bail. There's hearing tomorrow which I believe is the preliminary hearing and several of his victims have been asked to testify. The hearing is at 8:30 tomorrow, 2/14/2012, at the courthouse in Contra Costa at 725 Court Street in Martinez. The wheels of justice take time, but looks like time ran out for Greg Lomba.

I realize there hasn't been many updates on Bill and Cristy Hogarty and James Rivera, but please don't believe that it's because this has been forgotten or that they won't be held responsible at some point. Alameda seems to take a little more time in reviewing cases for potential criminal charges as do the feds, but please know it's not becase this has been dropped. I promise this is not the case and at some point I think these three will likely learn the lesson that Greg Lomba is, but in a much bigger way.

Email me if you have any questions or still need help. The statute of limitations will run out before too long for some of his first victims so if you haven't taken action, please think about doing something sooner rather than later before it's too late. My email address is

I thought I'd make this is easy as possible for those trying to collect on judgements from the Hogarty's. Here's the information for Christy's new employer. It's a multi-level marketing thing again I think because I guess getting a real job doesn't work for her, but you should still be able to garnish commissions payable to her.

Here we go:

Rodan and Fields Dermatologists
111 Maiden Lane, Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 273-8000 (in case you want to call for any reason)

If they don't assist, I can provide home address information from public records for the executive staff if you think it will help. Just email me for the info:

Hi There!

We have some great legal minds watching this and have passed along some helpful information.

IF YOU HAVE A JUDGMENT AGAINST WILLIAM AND CHRISTY HOGARTY, YOU CAN DO A "TILL TAP" WHICH MEANS THE SHERIFF WILL ACCOMPANY YOU TO WHERE THE HOGARTY'S HAVE A BUSINESS AND SEIZE CASH TO COVER THE JUDGMENT. Bill and Christy are hosting a FOR PROFIT blow out party this Saturday at the "mansion" where there will be tons of cash flowing because they sell tons of alcohol and other items out of four different bars that are mentioned in a link just given to me by another victim. They offer bottle service and all sorts of nonsense that these people pay hundreds of dollars to get in to the party so there will be tens of thousands of dollars there that night that hopefully you can seize since he's obviously not offering to pay the judgments himself and without being forced.

If you want to do this, you need to go to the courthouse tomorrow and file a "Writ of Execution" (FORM EJ-130) and file it with the clerk. You then need to take this form to the Alameda County Sherrif's Department as they will be the ones to seize the cash. You'll have to pay a fee of about $100 to the sheriff, but if it were me, I'd pay this in a heartbeat to finally get paid back in cash. Please be warned that things go on at these parties that most of us wouldn't want to be any part of and that there will be hundreds of people there with lots of "security" and apparently three bars and paid "dancers", whatever that means. Trust me that there's tons of cash invovled and that they will collect and he can absolutely afford to pay these judgments, just chooses not to and then tried to behind a bankrupcty. How'd that work for you Bill? LOL.

The party is this Saturday at 9:00PM to 4:00AM, but tell the sheriff to wait until very late to show up to make sure there's plenty of cash. The party address is 7031 Morgan Territory Road, Livermore. Be sure you let the courts know this is NOT a private party and that it is open to the general public and is FOR PROFIT. If you simply google "mardi gras at the mansion" you'll find the materials you'll need advertising the party to the general public so you can attach this to the Writ of Execution showing it's not a private/invitation only affair.

If Bill owes you money or scammed you, you might want to park outside the entrace to his house ON THE PUBLIC ROAD the night of the party so you can maybe take photos of license plates or of attendees just so you can maybe be able to find these people should you ever need to have them supeoned as a witness that he is bringing in tons of cash. I'm not a lawyer and not suggesting anything illegal, and certainly these party goers would want to know if they were patronizing an event where the host is accussed of the types of things he is. Also, if you were claimed in the bankruptcy, I'd say it is your responsibility to prove his filing is a lie and that he has source of income which you can probably do by videotaping the entrance to the party. It's all about evidence. If he's not doing this for profit as he will probably claim, and his parents pay for his food like he claimed to the bankruptcy courts, certainly he can't justify holding and paying for this sort of party himself since he's so broke that he wants all his debts discharged. So either he has money and can afford to host all these people from 9:00PM to 4:00AM complete with DJ's, 4 bars, paid "dancers" and all of this, or it's for profit (which it is) and he has income that surely he'll want to be reminded to report to the bankruptcy courts.

The party is this Saturday from 9:00PM to 4:00AM at 7031 Morgan Territory Road in Livermore. Google "mardi gras at the mansion" for more information.

I'm sure everything that goes on at these "exotic" parties with paid "dancers" and such is something they won't mind having the sheriff present for.
Here's a link to the party. Scroll down and you'll see what the party is offering. I don't even know what some of these things means, but feel like I need to take a shower with what I could understand.

If you also search on "mardi gras at the mansion" on Facebook, apparently there's an event listed on there too. Just sickening that he is claiming to be penniless and not able to feed his kids yet he can host a party like this.

Ick, just Ick.

Email me if you want to try to organize a protest at the entrance. I have a feeling you'd have lots of company.
I have mixed feelings about posting this, but feel those who have been hurt by Bill have a right to know. Bill was arrested and booked on an attempted murder charge last night and is being held without bail. My heart and prayers go out to whoever the victim is. It's troubling because so many have said it could come to this and I just hope someone wasn't hurt seriously over something so many saw coming.

That's really all I know. If you want more information you can go to the county web site at His jail ID (PFN) is BJD242.

I'm truly sickened by this.
William Hogarty's bankruptcy has been denied. He no longer has bankruptcy protection. If you feel he owes you money, file a lawsuit immediately so you can secure a judgment against him. The bankruptcy court will no longer stop you from pursuing him and it's fair game.

William Hogarty, Greg Lomba, James "JR" Rivera and Jim Torpey have now all been charged with 15 felonies related to short pay refinance and loan modifications scams. The charges included: 12 counts of felony real estate fraud and grand theft and three counts of felony criminal conspiracy. In addition, William Hogarty faces an additional count of felony perjury for lying to the Department of Justice by telling them under oath that he refunded $421,000 to his scam victims when they found only about $30,000 had been refunded. There are also enhancements to these charges because of the hundreds of thousands of dollars they are charged with stealing. These new charges are in addition to the felony assault charges William Hogarty has pending against him for felony assault.

William Hogarty's bankruptcy was denied after the DOJ investigated him and were taking him to trial for fraud. He named most of those scammed as creditors in his bankruptcy in order to avoid having to pay anyone back. Thank god it didn't work and the bankruptcy has been thrown out and now he can be sued again.

Now that he has no protection from the bankruptcy court, if you were scammed by him of OF Lending, please file a small claims suit immediately before the statute of limitations runs out. He will likely have to cop a plea in these new charges of fraud, grand theft and conspiracy which would mean he'd likely have to admit some guilt. This should make it very easy to secure a judgment against him since it will involve a guilty or no contest plea. I watch Judge Judy enough to know that an admission in criminal court seals the deal in civil court if someone sues for damages related to the crime. I know that sounds white trash and all, but it makes perfect sense. Even if he claims he doesn't have money and even if he ends up behind bars for years, I believe judgments are good for ten years and can be renewed twice. Therefore if handled correctly, this can haunt him for 30 years and you can go after him in the future.

If you need information on how to reach him in order to serve him, please message me and I can help you locate him. Even if William didn't sell you the program personally, he is personally responsible as the broker and has been charged as such.

By the way, he is now running a used car dealership, I kid you not. So watch out. The dealership is called "Hogarty Auto Sales".

William will be on here in 3....2.....1..... claiming to be a victim and that the world is out to get him and that it isn't his fault he preyed on those most vulnerable by the collapse of the real estate market, and then he'll even give some economic advice/input as if anyone cares what he thinks. Finally, he'll talk about how "blessed" he is because of his family as if anyone cares about these lies either. Let's just say that he threw his "amazing wife" out when she was pregnant with his child so he could carry on with some girlfriend and that he was arrested for beating up a roomate for giving his pregnant wife information about the going ons in the house with the girlfriend". The current wife was the mistress when he was married to the mother of his other children. Ick. Oh yeah, He'll also swear he'll tell "the real truth" when the criminal proceedings are behind him. Ummmmm, aren't you supposed to tell the truth to the DOJ, Federal Judges, DRE and DA?

Let me add "so think about it and have a nice day".

William hogarty
greg lomba
james rivera
james torpey
Christy hogarty
of lending
hogarty auto sales

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