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Corpus Christi, Texas

I rented a truck from U-haul for a local move and had to give my debit card information to reserve the truck. When I returned the truck, a MANAGER told me, and wrote on my receipt that my card would not be charged. Well, they did charge my card, AND they charged me for services and equipment that I did not even use!!! I immediately called and spoke with the same manager and she assured me she would reverse the charges and it was never done!

Needless to say, my account was negative, and the bank closed my account because of the negative balance, even though I had filed a dispute with my bank and gave them all the information they needed.

After several attempts of trying to reach U-haul and let them know what happened, no one returned my calls, and now I have no bank account.

U-haul obviously doesn't care about this matter. They got their money....actually, they got more money than I owed, so they are happy!


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Thanks for the great advice. I will not be renting from U Haul anytime soon.

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