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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/17/2011
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Ruth Felchner

$615 / 1br - Apt With Breathtaking Views

Rochester, Minnesota

I asked where the address of this apt is and this was "Ruth's" response:

Hello XXXX,

I apologize for not responding to you earlier, I have been extremely busy the last few days!

The good news is that the rental is still available! We had handshake agreement from the first person we showed it to, but now it seems that they changed their mind, so we need to lease it as soon as possible.
You were the second one to email me about it.

We know you will want to do a walkthrough of the property, but my husband doesn't want me to advertise the address as a measure of safety. Last time we did that without verifying people, the empty property was broken into and vandalized. We don't want that to happen again! You will be responsible for cable, internet, and phone, if you decide to have these services. Just to confirm, we DO allow pets at this property.

The rental term is 12-month lease, but can be switched into a 6-month lease if preferred. We just ask that you give us fair notice if you are moving out.

If you would like to set up an appointment, go to the link below and request the free copy of your rental report. We use this site for all the properties we manage. Just fill out the form and indicate that you want the free report. The actual scores aren't important to us, it's more of a formality to have it on file, to make sure there are no previous property related issues.

Get your report here:

Remember, we only need to see the page about the rental history. That will be all you will need to bring with you to the showing.
As far as getting together to see the property goes, I am available to show it any time from 10:00 am on, for the next few days. Let me know once you have it printed out, and we will set up a time to do your walk-through.

Thank you once again for your interest!

Ruth Felchner

If you click that link, it takes you to a credit score website. Obviously not a tracking tool for property managers.


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