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  • Submitted: 02/18/2011
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Bobby smith

Taxes need to be paid in the UK

Atlanta, Georgia

Working in Aberdeen, Scotland as an Oil Rigger safety engineer. Been on the job for the last 15 years and has a daughter 14 name Tracy and shes with her grandmother while he works. He's a widower and his wife died a few years back while birthing there child.
He has a big check to cash when he gets back to the United States and right now needs help paying 20K in taxes to the UK because of him being an oil rigger. He also cries so please beware of the fake tears. I have been taken and don't you become another one of his victims. He's has a prepaid phone card from Nigeria and his partner in crime has a cellphone and they even have a female that works with them as well. The addresses they give are bogus, even the one in the US is an empty house. So be careful of all of the lies.

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Taxes need to be paid in the UK


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Good on you for posting! I also got scammed earlier. He cried also....
The more postings that are on here for all the scammers out there, the better.....
Lets out them all... Thank you for the courage to do this posting. They seem to 'bank' on 'us' NOT going public. The more 'light' we shine on all of this, the better....
I'll 'watch' your posting....

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