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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/18/2011
  • Severity: 5

Vincent P. Teal

The 99 Day Bailout Program

Phoenix, Arizona, 85061

WE keep getting these letters and offers from these scammers. This one is now offering to make us millionaires and we can make $2,499,426 by June 22 and a lifetime income of $126,000 a month............wonderful - his name is Vincent P. Teal and his deal is to mail $35.00 "refundable" deposit to The 99 Day Bailout Program, Box 11469, Phoneix, AZ 85061. Anyone hit the Jackpot on this?

I very much doubt it. But I think he needs to be investigated.


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  • btdt
  • Submitted: 02/18/2011
Hey, I will tell you what the 99 day bailout program is. For $35.00, you will get a booklet. It will tell you to advertise a similar booklet that you write yourself, and market. Yes, you can make a ridiculous amount of money with this, however you have to spend an even more ridulous amount of money to market this. So in other words, this is not worth it. You would be better off buying $35.00 worth of lottery tickets-just kidding-you would be better off just saving your money. Thank-you for reading this-Been There, Done That

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