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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/19/2011
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The Call Store

Beware Scam,, Beware Scam Fraud Thiefs

Temecula, California, 92590

HORRIBLE COMPANY.... Just like the other people who have reviewed The Call Store, I, too, got the full 36 calls sales pitch in 90 days... We were a new start-up business installing Christmas lights in our area and I got the phone call from The Call Store telling me they could do wonders for my business. I did my research on the company for a few days, and didn't find much, as it was a new company, but the few things I did find seemed to be okay. So, after much thinking and debating on it, I agreed to sign up, EVEN THOUGH everyone I knew thought I probably shouldn't. As the old saying goes, if it's too good to be true, it probably is. I should have listened. It has been nothing but a nightmare. From the beginning, I was promised NO CHARGE per call for the first few months, then if I wanted to reinstate the contract after the initial period, then the charges would start per call. Lo and behold, the first few calls, I noticed I was getting charged on my credit card. So, I called and spoke with Gaylynn, as well. He apologized and promised a return on those charges, which never happened. But, I decided to give it some more time. That perhaps it was just a hard time for them as well. HUGE mistake. Every call I received was a sales call for some insurance, for some random item or service that I would never want in the first place. I started to become aware that if I even answered these calls, they would count as one of my calls. Long story short, I set a reminder in my calendar to call them today to get my refund, and THEY ARE CLOSED!!!! No longer open for business. Isn't that some shhhhh...... HORRIBLE company. And I will be doing my part to see if they try to start up under another name and getting the word out that they are NOT to be trusted, used, or even considered as a viable means a=of advertising or lead generating. I would have done better to waste my money with Google. At least I could have SEEN some kind of action. This was completely ridiculous. DO NOT USE!

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Beware Scam,, Beware Scam Fraud Thiefs


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