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Money for Nothing

who really knows, -- , 32505

This is a business who claims to be legit....don't believe it for a minute! They offer work pkgs (assignments) which your supposed to complete for $10 a me it won't happen. What they do is get your money and your supposed to review sites they show you...actually what they want you to do is buy from the sites....when you are done they tell you to wait 6 to 8 weeks for payment....(you don't know that until you buy the pkg).....when you do wait the time you will never see your payment....What they tell you is did something wrong and we are not going to pay you....they also lie and make things up to back this up.....unfortunately I didn't do my research before hand or I would have found this out.....they tell everybody the same thing when they ask about their missing payment.....they are all over the scam sites. Its not so much the money....its just that I hate to think people out their are actually that evil. The third party vendor for this "company" is Plimus....which i'm beginning to think are shady also or why would they represent such a company....Any way run don't walk away from this company.


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