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Skinfusion Laser

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Henderson, Nevada, 89052

Kimberly Hutchinson who has repeatedly harassed Charlie Rivero and disrespected him, has also been seeking help for alcohol problems for which she is still attending meetings. Charlie Rivero has been out of work do to being fired for being in a car accident that was not his fault is now struggling to support himself and is daughter ever since because of no work. Now that Kimberly Hutchinson has taken personal feelings to lash out has now posted a scam report stating he was a registered sex offender. Yes he did have to register and for something that was not true. Well, what Kimberly does not realize that Charlie Rivero has 2 confession letters signed by a judge stating and proving he never did any such crime. Kimberly is still seeking assistance for her alcohol problem but has yet to apologize to Charlie for making such harsh false statements about such a delicate matter. Just be very careful before dealing with Kimberly Hutchinson or Skinfusion. If all false statements that were made on Charlie Rivero are removed, or if Kimberly Hutchinson apologizes on the post and admits that what she posted is not true, then a different view in respect will be looked at within her and her company.


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  • SOA
  • Submitted: 12/12/2011
I don't need an alcoholic working on my body. I have been to skinfusion once to accompany a friend, and now I will never go to that place again. I can't believe they hire alcoholics. On top of that, a dangerous one if all she does is spend her time harrassing Charlie Rivero. She obviously fits the profile of a vendictive, and dangerous alcoholic. Alcoholics are usually, Vocal, Vendictive, dangerous, and love to stalk X's because they they can't handle rejection. I will make sure no one I know uses skinfusion again.

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