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Re: Charlie Rivero

Not a scam

Las Vegas, Nevada

This poor person was wrongfully convicted of something he did not do. He ended up doing a year probation and after receiving proof from the court that he in deed did not do this crime, He was given an honorable discharge. People are upset for whatever reason, but leave well enough alone as people try to live there lives without any issues. Thank you.


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  • Submitted: 12/12/2011
Hey Mr. worries man. I was scammed on the post about your case. Yes, I admit I went out to check on your records, but then I found out about the 5 people, who are probably all the same one peson, if not INBRED related were lying. I went as far as finding out that some of these losers are bringing up your brothers case too. The best part is, I found out that these sicko's are seeking help for things they are doing. Anyhow, good luck to you, and Merry Christmas to you and yours. Oh, a word to the wise.....these idots think you and I are either related or the same person. Thats the only way they know to get back at you. Take Care!!!!

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