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Sports Arbitrage Investors

Make 5% per day investing in sports

unknown, BRK

It's a fake company, but has a good website and they even follow up with you until you ask to withdraw your funds. They NEVER allow you to withdraw your funds. They tell you that if you invest anywhere from $100.00 to $10,000.00, you will earn 5% each day on your money. They say that they invest your funds in Sports Arbitrage Investing, in which they earn anywhere from 15% to 25% on their betting system. From those investments, they allow you to earn 5%. You set up an account with Liberty Mutual in order to fund the account, then deposit it to Sports Arbitrage Investors. They allow you to watch your investment grow at 5% of your investment each day and tell you that you can't withdraw any funds for 30 days. After the 31st day, you won't get any responses to your calls or emails. Within the 30 days, they answer your calls and respond to your emails immediately. After the 30 days, you get an email stating they need $500.00 more from you for "International Funds Transfer Insurance", before your funds can be release or you risk losing your total investment. Even after sending the "International Funds Transfer Insurance", they still do not release your funds.
They are just thieves, preying on innocent consumers looking for a way to make some extra money. BEWARE!! Stay away from They stole $1,000.00 from me.


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