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  • Submitted: 02/22/2011
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David Benson


Ikeja, state : Lagos

Met on the dating site ", State he was raised in Spain by his uncle after his parents died . Stated his father was from Tx and his mother from Spain. Then another tragic event, his wife and child died in a car accident. He had taken a job in the UK as a contractor / artist and the contract was up. He was starting his own business by going to Nigeria to collect art goods, etc and ship them to USA to sell. once in Nigeria he didn't have enough money to pay the port fees and get to the USA,. He was stuck in Nigeria unless I sent money for (at first) the port fees. I would not do that so he emailed me that he paid the fees with what he had and it left him with not enough money to get to the USA. Stated he would pay me back once he got to his monies in the states. Money he said he had in his apt in Dallas, TX. He was upset I didn't believe him. Offered him an airline ticket to be sent to him so he could get out of Nigeria. Told him I would buy the ticket and email him the conformation number so he could print the ticket or get it from the machines at the airport. , (by now he was telling me he wasn't safe there) He wanted me to send the money to him not the ticket. That is the last I talked with him. I have blocked him from my email and phone.

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"David" also contacted me only it was on facebook. Story was the same only he never mention Nigeria. His contract was in the UK and couldn't pay his workers because the contractor paid him with a check made on an American bank. Wanted money to pay the workers so he could come home. He gave me a person to send the money to in TX. When I contacted her, she said she had been sending him money since March, 2011 and not to send him anything since this was a scam. Thankfully a family friend looked him up on this webside and warned me. So after the first week I week I went along with everything he said up until he gave me the person's contact info in Tx and she responded by verifying it is a scam.
I met David a couple of days ago from a dating site called Confirio. He contacted me and started telling me I was his soul mate and wanted to be with me forever. I had reservations of course that someone would say those things so quickly but he knew all the right things to say to keep me interested. He had the same story but no mention of Nigeria but the rest matches perfectly. I mentioned this to a friend and she had her attorney look into him and we found this. Wow he is a scam artist. Glad I only had a couple of days worth and didn't get sucked in too bad.

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