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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/22/2011
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Nikos James Barnabas

NIkos Barnabas Says It ALL -

Round Rock, Texas

Met Nikos Barnabas August 15 on under the name smilagain011 he stated he had only been on about 3 hours I had been on less than a day. He asked to IM and we began to chat - he sent me an email soon after chatting on IM tell me all about his life. He stated he was no longer on why should he be when he found me. He told me he was a contractor and builiding a mall in the UK and when it was completed it he would have close to 1m dollars. He was so sweet in the IM and the emails he wrote only to find out it is all script.. I searched the internet for him and only found him under the White Pages in Round Rock.. He covers his trail well. It wasn't long before he told me he loved me actually it was only a few days later. Right now I just want to post some pictures that were sent to me and let women be aware - under he uses these names dreamfinda00, soulsmile1967,youandme4real11,dreamfinder00,dreamfindaa001,dreamfinda00,soulsmile1967, and the one I listed. He states he is in Lago Nigera Africa.waiting to get from me only about $12K his uncle provided a lot of the $25K that he needed. I asked why his picture was never on the IM he said it is the network - many times he would take awhile to answer me on IM more than likely talking to other women. But ofcus (as he says) it was always the internet issues. There was barely a day that went by that we didn't chat. His money is tied up in the UK due to tax evasion, the reason he is stuck in Lagos Nigeria is due to he owes these people $25K they have his paperwork and passport. He was flying to come home to marry me and sent me his flight schedule etc.. only not to show up - I was devasted he stated that the authorites took him into custory and he couldn't use his phone etc... he struggled with the men at the airport... he was crying.. so believable... Every time I sent money I kept thinking to myself something is not right but he would use God's word and entice me into believing once again... there was an answer for everything. More will be posted tomorrow.. Keep your eyes open no telling where he will show up next - Thank you ladies for posting all of the information May God Bless you and Keep You.

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NIkos Barnabas Says It ALL - NIkos Barnabas Says It ALL - NIkos Barnabas Says It ALL - NIkos Barnabas Says It ALL -


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So sorry you also got bitten by this 'soulless' person. This is not a 'man' by any definition of that word. He and I met within a week of when you and he did... and the content is almost identical... except for the reasons for his 'current' stay in Lagos. See post 1965. FYI, he 'called' me not long ago... said he was in the states...that he had been able to raise the money to be released from Lagos... (it was clearly ALL a lie anyway). Based on the timelines, it seems you and I were the 'down internet' ...yeah... told me the same thing during chats when there were delays... Pretty clear on that now... I wonder if he was chatting with more at the same time also... probably.
I thank you for your posting. It helps fill in some of the 'blanks' during that time. Part of what I am amazed at... (although I wonder why I'd be amazed that a soulless person would do anything) is that he PRAYED with me for my mothers soul, her very soul the night of her death. Anyone who can so casually and lightly use God, prayer and God's word for malice with intent... well...... I give him to God. He will 'suffer' in God's way.

As an aside, this person,,, (will not dignify calling him a man - as he is not by any definition of that word) was aware of the very deep pain was in around several areas. Details are personal,,, my mother's death was but one part. For a person to willfully, with malice and intent, configured for that, exploit so deeply hearts, trust, love, vulnerability, faith AND God so easily, so deeply is evil. Darkness, evil. This person is no better than a rapist, a batterer, a sex offender. I have pity for someone who is clearly as empty in his soul as this person is. You, I and others he has exploited have given with love and compassion. I KNOW I'm 'clean' with my motives for that. He, on the other hand, will never be able to say that in his soul. There is no doubt in my soul he WILL suffer for what he has done. God knows and sees all. My prayer is that God will put obstacles in his way so he is not able to do to other's hearts what he did to 'ours'. May God bless you also... I thank you for posting and once more, am so sorry he 'bit' you also.
Man... what a piece of work this 'bozo' is. Thank you for posting your story on here. I'm a firm believer that the more info put out there... the better.

So sorry to hear you were also exploited by this, as 'believed' said, 'person', I agree with the statement that this person is not a 'man'. There is clearly NO integrity, honor, strength of character, or any of the traits of 'a man'. Thank you again for your courage in posting. I will follow the postings here and hope more are able to see these postings, and maybe minimize/prevent his devastation for others.
I though maybe reading this may be helpful for others that they are not alone in this exploitation and betrayal. This is a copy of an email I sent to 'Nikos' in earl February after I really learned 'the truth'.

I want to ask 'why', but already know the answer, because you could.
I want to tell you how betrayed I feel, but you won't hear it.
I want to tell you I deserve better, but you don't care anyway.
I wanted to know the 'truth' and now I know at least the most important parts of it.

Inside me, it feels as though you 'fed' on me, like a vulture, taking bite after bite.
It feels like you sliced and diced my heart
Stole my love,
Stole some of my faith in mankind.
Stole some of my hope.

I know God will heal these things in me.
I know that love, faith and hope come from God and He can and will restore all of this in me and more.
I take full responsiblity for how I opened the doors to you and the decisions, grounded in love, that I made.
And I acknowledge fully your responsiblity.
It is now extremely clear you exploited my, and others' love for money.
That you betrayed my trust, with no concern at all for the impact on me.
That you did all you could to elicit my trust in you, made promises you had no intention of ever keeping, for money.
That you would have allowed me to do as much as possible for you, even if it had meant my going into financial ruin,
With no concern for the impact on me, financially, emotionally, in trust, faith, love.
I pray for your soul, and if you won't let the light in, I pray for God to stop you from being able to do this to anyone else.
I pray for God to put barriers in your path so you can no longer exploit the beautiful innocence of true love, true hearts.

I had been praying, telling God I was ready to know the 'truth'. And then I found your 'old' profile. Prayers are always answered, one way or the other.

  • Kaye
  • Submitted: 02/24/2011
I honestly think this is a group of men, not just one. Explains the different grammer skills, also the intelligence level seem to switch when debating or arguing the issue of money . . . makes you wonder how many people we were really chatting with?
I totally agree this seems like more than one person. Kaye, were you also scammed by this 'person'? If so, would you consider posting? The more the better. If you have additional pictures, that would be great. The women here who have posted about this person may already have helped prevent some from being 'bitten'.
  • Kaye
  • Submitted: 02/28/2011
Use this website to search the internet for the images.

Here is who came up for "Nikos" The picture is a stolen image of Kerwin Rae. He is a legitimate business man who is a mentor and coach.

Bottom line . . . again, this isn't just one guy, a group taking advantage of the online dating arena. Hope this helps others . . .
  • Kaye
  • Submitted: 02/28/2011
Go here to look what these guys really look like . . .

see Kaye's post of 2241
  • Yoyo
  • Submitted: 08/28/2012
I have just found this site and that he is not real. He now goes by Leonard Milos. Very similar story although changed a bit. Will write more at another time. I have more pics too.
i met this guy (for the lack of other words) on (his name now is fedor kallistos and he uses different usernames in match- i try to follow him and report to match but i think match should act about it) and yes he was so romantic and so supportive. he told me a hear breaking story how his parents died when he was a child in Greece. he also told me a story how he is so broken because his love of his life died from cancer and he was so destroyed that he had to leave TX. he said that he is now in UK work on this big project of millions of dollar and things are going barely. he sold everything and he lives in apartment without heating. he cried and sounded hones. when i didn't believe me he manipulated me to believe that i am wrong to do so. we decide to forget about the money and we indeed forgot about it getting closer a month later he asked again and i broke and gave him the money. needless to say that we fought a lot about the money issue. the story is too long but all the posts are very similar word to word to what i encountered.

here is the info he asked to send the money:
Agent's name: Steve Brawal
Address: 1189 Victoria Island
City: Lagos
State: Lagos
Country: Nigeria
Zipcode: 23401


Security question: Shipment doc for fedor?

Ans: Done

Agent 2

Wale Thompson

same Info

amount 2500usd.

same security question text and answer.

YOu will send me the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) its a 10digit on the reciept for each of them..and the detail of the sender's name(you) name as on the receipt and zipcode.

he is so good that he even continue to be in communication for several months later. until one time he stopped. needless to say that each time i asked for my money back he asked for more time.

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