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New Jersey

New Jersey Army National Guard Family Support in Teaneck, NJ

Teaneck, New Jersey, 07666

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Thank GOD for the retirees who support the Teaneck Family Readiness Group and the Food Pantry. They serviced honorably and to have someone say they only let reiirees use this pantry is a disgrace.
The Teaneck Food Pantry has been opend to all who serve, National Guard, all active duty soldiers, veterans and yes retirees.
These people have done and outstanding job, lets stand by them 100%.
  • mema
  • Submitted: 03/16/2011
I have been a member of the Teaneck FRG/FAC almost from day one. In early 2004 I was facing the deployment of my daughter and her new husband(my daughter was with child). In the months leading up to the deployment, the support of this group under the leadership of FSG Minnie Hiller (Cousins) allowed families to come to terms with the overall effect of deployment. When neither of my soldiers deployed, I was never made to feel like anything less then family. So i became a volunteer. I have put in thousands of hours and have been in the office early in the morning and late at nite. NEVER has a soldier been denied the use of the pantry unless we are taking in donations or doing a cleaning..By stating otherwise slaps me in the face as I have given this group my heart and soul and in return I have had the honor of seeing people with one cause in mind...SERVING SOLDIERS,ACTIVE,DEPLOYED OR RETIRED

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