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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/23/2011
  • Severity: 7

E Tour and Travel

Taking Money Unauthorized

Orlando, Florida

I got a phone call where I was told no money would come out of my account until I authorized it. I told them that May 1'st 2011 would be the soonest I would have the money for a 4 day 3 nights stay for 5 people at a Orlando hotel and 4 day 3 night stay for 5 people at a Daytona beach hotel and a rental car with unlimited mileage with 2 years to decide when to take the trip all in the package and all I had to do was pay 99.00 with my debit card on May 1'st 2011 and I was to give them my debit card no. which I ordinarily don't do. I did though, ignoring my red flags. I got to thinking about it later and the next day I called the number he gave me to cancel and I had to confirm my debit card number again they said ,and I canceled and that was it, I thought. Later in the evening I got a phone call from my bank asking about a travel co. trying to withdraw 49.00 from my account which I only had about 2.00 in at the time. That was today and I am canceling my card tomorrow. I am a cancer patient and single mother undergoing chemo and told them that too. I am very low income but thought this might be something I could afford in the future after I was through with my radiation and chemo for my kids and self to enjoy. They don't care who they scam. This could have been a lot worse if my bank had not have called.


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