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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/24/2011
  • Severity: 7

Capital Consulting and Investment Group, inc. (CCAIG)

Financial services

NYC, New York

So I am a student and was desperate looking for someone to help me co-sign a loan or help me out with a loan. This company says they have a list of c-signer ( I know what you are thinking, bad!, but I am one semester away from graduating). The problem is they also do things like consulting and accounting services.

I called and I talked to the guy, asked a million questions. I did not know what to think, they asked me to pay through MoneyPak and I did. They EVEN sent me the receipt, which I requested. Then my loan was not cosigned, they kept telling me maybe tomorrow, the next day...Then I requested a refund. They emailed me saying they send a check, On Fe. 9 2011 and until now I did not receive anything in the mail.

I know it was a risk to go through this, and I knew I might get scammed, but I was desperate! I am mad at myself, I lost $250!!!

This si website:

I hope no one gets caught in this scam.


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  • Submitted: 02/26/2011

Capital Consulting and Investment Group (CCAIG) is a professional consulting firm that specializes in assisting companies and individuals in obtaining personal guarantor to obtain a loan. Most of the companies and individuals we assist in obtaining a personal guarantor have less than perfect credit score, therefore it is up to the personal guarantor to accept co-signing for the individual's files that we put before them. We do not offer any guarantee on finding a personal guarantor and according to the complaint that was made by this consumer in which stated that they are a student and was looking to obtain a student loan, unfortunately this individual did not meet our personal guarantors’ requirement and their application was rejected. Student loans have one of the highest defaults. Most Americans that attended school even if they are 50 years old they have student loans which they have not paid, therefore after a careful review of this individual's file we felt that rejecting this file would serve the best interest of our company and guarantors to avoid a possible default. We apologize to the individual that posted this complaint against our company however he or she must understand that there are protocols we have to follow within our company in order to protect our guarantors. If there is any consumer that has read this consumer complaint and would like to discuss it further with one of our team members please feel free to contact our office between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm est. at toll free 866 - 992 - 2244 or email us at Capital Consulting and Investment Group executive office is located at 590 Madison Ave. New York, NY 10022. Thank you.

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