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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 02/27/2011
  • Severity: 9

Paul James

Facebook Profile Inquirer

New York, New York

Mr Paul James, send me an email through my Facebook. Last Nov 22, 2010.
telling me that he find me cute and attracted lady. he wants to know me better. After 10 days of his inquiry. I responded him actually 12/2/2010. when i asked Mr Paul James what he does for a living? he said he is a private contructor. and he turned 60yrs old by Dec 22, 2010. On Dec 13, 2010, he left for Nigeria. he said he was awarded a contract for railroad in Nigeria. But Mr james address on his facebook was Lagos Nigeria.

After 2 wks of exchanging emails he start telling me he is falling in love with me. Mr James was a smooth talker. he is very persuassive too in his approach. Anyway Jan 15, 2011, @2:15AM Ca. time, the same time I recieved Mr James emails. I recieved an email telling ALERT THIS IS URGENT!. A certain fake doctor called me telling me that their is a patient that was admitted to our Hospita Foundation Holy Spirit Hospital from a fatal crash. that his patient Paul James needs a kidney transplant. but before he the doctor can commend kidney transplant. he needs a $15,000.00 = 1.5 Nara (Nigerian money) that $15,000.00 hasto be sent to Western Union in 3 split payment with three people. I know right away they are trying to con and lure me. the so called medical doctor keep on calling me. but i cant call him/them. i know why, they have a pre-paid phone.Mr James asked me money for cell phone. he said he needs a cell phone s we could communicate and write when he gets will. Mr james fool me. I lend him $500, and send it to his friend. he said he will not run away witht the money. Mr Paul James is a lier, deciever, smooth talker. he always uses the name of God he can quote the Bible better than a carnal christians. Mr Paul James needs to be locked-up. he is a con man! On-line scammers. Lets keep this guys off of our society. so he cant fool no more specially innocent girls, teenager, and woman. So I said to my family and friends. get this guy of of our society. the he is dangerous! he is using his looks. Please Beware of Paul James .... Mr Paul James has one picture only in his facebook!


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