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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/13/2022
  • Severity: 10

Abraham Guerrero Gomez

BEWARE: Abraham Guerrero Gomez

Montreal, QC

This man is dangerous. He's been sued by his wife for death threats and abuse, he has another ex that is trying to protect women in Montreal and many others that are too scared to come forward.
His specialty is gaslighting and targets women with mental disabilities. He'll make you convinced that only he has your best interests, that your family talks badly about you behind your back and becomes extremely angry when you mention friends.
Then there's the sex. The word no is unacceptable, you will be punished and eventually you will be too scared to say no.
The only medication he thinks is effective is the birth pill. He lies when he says his dad or anyone else he knows is a doctor. He will want to propose very quickly and get married while he is already married to a women he kept all the medical records to use against her.
Then there's Amanda. She is not a family member of his. She is his oldest victim and so she does anything to help him trap you by making you believe Abraham is the best man in the world. She will tell on you so that Abraham gets angry. She is a tall woman and eavesdrop when Abraham is out.
Do not move in with him. He will find a way for you to quit your job, find a way to steal your money and bank card details.
If you see this man with a girl, warn her immediately. He is a danger! If it's Amanda with him do the same. Maybe she'll eventually leave him and fix herself away from Abraham's clutches. There is a reason his family disowned him in Mexico.


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