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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 07/28/2022
  • Severity: 10

Susan Mcpherson

Susan Mcpherson

Texas, Texas

This is a piece of work. First off, she has already been in jail for attacking her mother and has gone back to live with her since..She is in her 30s trying to look younger to get an easier time bullying , stealing from minors not to mention getting sexual pleasure. There's this young minor that Susan just loves to bully. I won't say the girl's name as she is a minor. But many of Susan's posts, videos and Instagram spread lies about this young teen. And since she's a minor, she is scared and doesn't know what to do. What was the girl's crime to warrant this? She refused Susan's advances, had school and work thus not always available to entertain Susan. Then she asked for a friendship necklace Susan stole from her back thus many of us Adults took charge in bombarding her to give it back as it was the right thing to do. She never did.Susan makes up friends to manipulate others and even with me she blocks anyone and everyone who puts up boundaries and are busy. She is also a homophobe. To cure asexuals she recommends gangbang rape. I am not kidding. Then there's her living on disability because she doesn't want to work to contribute as a citizen. She fakes having autism and multiple other mental disabilities.
If you know her and don't believe this? Go to everyone she's blocked, the stories will be the same.Don't believe her crocodile tears as she once messaged me that people were stupid to believe her. Stay away from her and please protect your things and any minors you see with her.

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Susan Mcpherson


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