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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/01/2011
  • Severity: 10

Global Web Exchange

Web Advertising

Tucson, Arizona

I opened an online store, and this company contacted me about advertising.
I told them I am disabled, low income, living on Social Security Disability, and could not afford advertising.
Do you have credit cards?
You can use their money to get the advertising, and the money you will make will pay the credit cards
We can get you making money. Give us three months.
They said if I paid 5400.00, they would give me 20,000.00 in advertising. They wanted to use me for advertising for the company.
I had zero sales from the online store, and closed it after 4 months, because that too was costing me money.
In 5 months time I received 150.00, from them, which doesn't even pay the interest on the 5400.00.
I've called sent amails, asking for a refund, once they said no, the others ignored.


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This company promises 100,000 visitors to your website guaranteed. It failed on all levels:
1. It took one month before the company sent me any info about what I had purchased. Naturally, some was given over the phone, but not too many details. I wanted to know exactly how the traffic worked, and the sales rep couldn't give a good explanation. I foolishy shouldn't have jumped in.
2. Since getting their service (over 5 months ago) , my website's Web Traffic Stats show an average of about 30 UNIQUE visitors with an average of 312 visits and an average of 1028 pages per visit. I believe that most of these visitors were just crawlers for search engines (some I submitted to myself). If traffic was sent to my site, it was probably from pop-ups, 99% of which were either blocked or closed by visitors. I doubt that the Web Traffic Stats are incorrect.
3. They submitted my site to Google. It is not easily found on Google.
4. The YouTube video ($1000) for my site is poor quality; it doesn't display the site's main page, and has little to do with the products on my site. It is just a generic, stock Flash video file with my site's name incorporated.
5. The salesman who sold their package to me put a large emphasis on commissions, making sound like an MLM type of business. Supposedly, there could be even 4K a month made from people signing up under me. In 5 months, I have received $400 total from commissions.

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