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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/02/2011
  • Severity: 8

Dana Leigh Alderson

Ebay Member Who Scams Ebay Sellers

Stevensville, Montana

This person goes by the id of rare_and_exotic_hatching_eggs_4_u on Ebay. She is buying a lot of items from ebay sellers and claiming to recieve empty boxes, destroyed items (eggs), etc. She then files claims with ebay stating the items were not like they were advertised or she was mailed empty packages. She keeps the items and gets all of her money back from PayPal. The sellers lose their items and their money.

This person purchased several items from me on Ebay. She returned some of the items very badly damaged. You could see where she had tried to glue them back together. She filed a complaint with PayPal stating she returned everything in perfect condition. She ruined my items and PayPal gave all of her money back to her.

After each of these dishonest transactions, she leaves negative feedback for the sellers and writes horribly defaming comment that are untrue. Ebay will not remove them. Many sellers had 100% pos feedback for 7+ years and she came along and ruined it.

She sells on ebay but never messes with buyer. She only scams buyers.


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