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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • Submitted: 03/03/2011
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Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing

Business built on BullSh*t

Lexington, Kentucky

According to FHTM:
FHTM is no longer authorized to use the DuPont name, logo, or trademark in any way. FHTM should immediately discontinue the use of any materials containing the DuPont logo. Our right to use DuPont’s name, logo and trademark was revoked because FHTM abused the system by creating and distributing unapproved marketing materials that displayed the DuPont logo.

According to the real world:
How can this be true when the DuPont logo has been part of the FHTM corporate created business presentation DVD for years? The only reason they blame the reps for this is to shield themselves from a major trademark infringement lawsuit. FHTM never had a partnership or any relationship with DuPont, yet they took it upon themselves to represent they did in an effort to make themselves legal. Surprise…surprise.


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