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Gebls World Shop now E-Bakos

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This is to alert everybody that a company, set up by a group of fraudsters, called Gebls World Shop, Slovakia has cleverly changed its name to E-Bakos, Slovakia. Its former website was Its new website is Therefore, everybody [especially businessmen, translators and programmers] should beware.

Anybody who disregards this alert and proceeds to do business with them does so at his/her own costly risk. So, beware!

I translated 200 pages of document for them since early July last year. They have refused to respond to my contacts since then.


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We serve about alleged fraud.
Mr Agbola who writes here is one of the translators who have signed a contract where the terms and conditions are not fulfilled, and his work was not accepted.
We have 16 translators who have complied and there was no problem.
Only those people like Mr. Agbola which comply with the conditions described by the Internet information.
We are sorry for such a meeting but the error was on our side.
Was offered a new contract which he refused.

E-Bakos Slovakia s.r.o

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