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Corporate Travel Group

Timeshare Purchase Scams

Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815

Corporate Travel Group sells itself as a company who represents major corporations who want to buy timeshares. Then they contact timeshare owners and ask if they want to sell their timeshare to these corporations. They convince you that they have a buyer and require that you put up a 10% deposit for escrow until the deal closes. But then they don't ever close the deal since they never really had a real buyer to begin with. By that time, they have your money and will be gone. After a few months after they have your money, they don't return calls or emails. They never answer their phone - only goes to voice mail so they can screen their complaints. They will soon likely change their phone number and name.

Do your research - they aren't registered as s business in Hawaii where they claim they are located where they only have a shared address at best - look them up on google maps with their address and suite number they show on their website - you will see.

If they call you, contact your state attorney general


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